Pokémon Sun vs Moon: Which game should you get?

Pokémon Sun vs Moon

When it came to the 7th generation Sun and Moon, I never considered the perks of the Sun version versus the Moon version. I simply took the copy of Sun that my cousin had since I was financially constrained at the time. Even when the respective Ultras came out, I went with Ultra Sun because … Read more

Pokémon Fire Red Vs. Red: Which is the better option?

Pokémon Fire Red Vs. Red

For any Pokémon fan who started playing Pokémon at a young age, the first-generation games in the series always hold a special place. It’s no different for me. While Pokémon Red was not the first game I played, it was among the classics that cemented my love for the game. So, when its remake, Fire … Read more

Pokémon Gold vs. Silver: Which Version should you get?

Pokémon Gold vs. Silver

What I love most about the early generations of the Pokémon game series is that they lay the foundation for the long-standing traditions we all know and love today. It’s been over 2 decades but I still remember the excitement I felt when my mom told me I could get one of the 2nd generation … Read more