Pokémon Arceus vs. Scarlet: Which game should you buy?

Pokémon Arceus vs. Scarlet

The year 2022 proved to be an exciting year for many Pokémon fans including myself. It saw two releases in the Pokémon game series, Legend: Arceus and Scarlet and Violet, one at the beginning and the other towards the end of the year, respectively. Given how somewhat distinct these two releases are, you can’t help … Read more

Pokémon Mythical VS Legendary: Which Pokémon is better?

Pokémon Mythical VS Legendary

As my love for Pokémon grew over the years, so did my knowledge of the different mons there are in the game. To my understanding, there are a variety of different Pokémon under different categories from basic to fully evolved Pokémon. But there are two variations of Pokémon that I have always struggled to understand, … Read more

Pokémon Ash Vs. Red: Who is the better trainer?

Pokémon Ash Vs. Red

Ash and Red are two well-known leading characters in the Pokémon franchise. But when I was still new to Pokémon, I often used to confuse the two, given their shared similarities when it came to fashion sense and their loyal companion Pikachu. It was not until the two characters were featured in the Pokémon Masters … Read more