Who is the God of Pokémon? (Who is the King of all Pokémon?)

There have been many instances where I encountered some Pokémon types that were so powerful that they made my team of Pokémon look like amateurs😂.

I always believed that some Pokémon are powerful enough to make most other Pokémon soil themselves😭 (if possible).

In my interactions with fellow players online, I realized that most of these Pokémon are gods in the Pokémon world with exceptional powers and roles in controlling the Pokémon universe and dimensions.

Join me in exploring who these gods are and which of them reign supreme.

Who is the God of Pokémon?

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How Many Pokémon Gods Are There?

How Many Pokémon Gods Are There
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In aggregate, there are seventeen gods in the Pokémon world. Notably, according to Pokémon mythology, the egg🥚 is among the most powerful gods mainly because Arceus, the first Pokémon god, hatched from it.

Consequently, Arceus created all life. The Pokémon game has never offered explanations of the egg’s origin: it is up to the players to establish their theories about this.

Besides the egg, the table below summarizes a list of the various gods of the Pokémon world and designates their godly roles in the Pokémon existence.




God of the world


God of antimatter


God of the sky


God of wishes


God of the contents


God of time


God of dragons


Garden god of the sea


God of flames


Garden god of Kalos


God of life


God of the land

Hoopa Unbound

Garden god of the dimensions


God of space


God of death


God of the sea


God of lightning

Who are the Strongest Gods in Pokémon?

Who are the Strongest Gods in Pokémon
Strongest Gods in Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

The strongest (most powerful) Pokémon gods are Arceus, Zygarde, Rayquaza, and Giratina. Arceus is the most powerful of all Pokémon gods, mainly because it can change its type, and create things, and is powerful enough to send Giratina away.

Zygarde is most powerful in its complete form, as its base stat adds up to 708. While Arceus is the most powerful Pokémon in normal form, Zygarde follows behind as the second most powerful.

Unlike other Pokémon, Rayquaza is the only one😎 that does not require any item to mega-evolve. It can mega-evolve into a more powerful version of itself, Mega Rayquaza, whose base stats are 780, one hundred points higher than those for its base form.

Giratina, the god of antimatter, is so destructive 💥and powerful that Arceus sent it to the Distortion World, where everything is chaotic.

Arceus’ fear of this Pokémon shows just how powerful Giratina is👿.

Strongest Gods in Pokémon

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Why was Arceus Chosen as the god of all Pokémon?

For multiple reasons, Arceus is the god of all Pokémon. One such reason is that this Pokémon was responsible for creating the Pokémon Universe.

It is considered “The Original One” since its age is thousands of years and its creation predates that of all other Pokémon.

The second reason for Arceus being the god of all Pokémon is it can alter itself to become any Pokémon type. It does this using two crucial items: Z-crystals and plates. No other legendary Pokémon can do this.

Another reason is that Arceus exercises control over Dialga, Giratina, Palkia (the Creation Trio), and the Lake Guardians. No other Pokémon has this much power💪.

Lastly, Arceus has the power to grant life and take it away, as well as freezing time ⌚when it deems necessary.

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