Can you get sun and moon on switch? (How to play sun and moon on switch)

Since I was a kid, I enjoyedūüėč playing Pok√©mon Sun and Moon in Generation Seven. My friend missed out on all the games on the 3DS since he could not afford them, and he wondered if Game Freak would release Sun and Moon on the Nintendo Switch.

He wanted to purchase a 3DS to play the game, but since I have been into Pokémon for years and played games on the Switch generations, I knew it was impossible to get Sun and Moon on the Nintendo Switch.

So, let’s find out if you can get Sun and Moon on Switch.

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How to Play Pokémon sun and moon on Nintendo Switch?

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Pok√©mon Sun and MoonūüĆö cannot be played directly on Nintendo Switch since they are part of the seventh generation of Pok√©mon games.

You cannot play it on Nintendo Switch because Game Freak, the developer of the mainline Pokémon series, released Pokémon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS system.

Since Pokémon Sun and Moon is a 3DS game, the Nintendo Switch does not have backward compatibility.

You should note that the Pokémon franchise has produced enhanced versions of Pokémon sun and moon games known as Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon for the 3DS.

The Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon versions have extra content and features compared to the original Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Therefore, if you want to play Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon on Switch, you will require a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS system.

Nevertheless, if you want to play games that are available for the Nintendo Switchūüėú, you can check out games like Pok√©mon Sword and Pok√©mon Shield that belong to the main series of Pok√©mon RPGs for Switch.

More games that are available for Nintendo Switch include:

Pokémon available on Nintendo Switch


Pok√©mon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! And Pok√©mon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

These games bridge the gap between the original Pokémon games and the mobile game Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

These games reimage the traditional Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games for the Game Boy Advance.

Pokémon Cafe ReMix

It is a free puzzle game where you operate a café with a Pokémon by solving puzzles to prepare dishes and serve them to customers.

Pokémon Home

Pokémon Home is not a game but a cloud-based service permitting you to store and transfer Pokémon between different games. You can get it from an app for the Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Quest

Pokemon Quest is a free action and adventure game with a unique art design.

What console can you play Sun and Moon on?

How to play sun and moon on switch
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you can play Pok√©mon SunūüĆě and Moon on the Nintendo group of handheld gaming consoles. These gaming consoles include Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 2DS XL.

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch does not support Pokémon Sun and Moon, even if the game is a Nintendo console.

The Nintendo 3DS has variants such as the Nintendo 3DS XL, a larger model that has gone for about $199.99 since its launch.

Nintendo 2DS is an entry-level version of the Nintendo console. The console has a fixed slate and does not have the 3D functionality.

The Nintendo 3DS has a more powerfulūüí™ CPU with a C-Stick, extra buttons, and a better camera.

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