Can Kartana Be Shiny In Pokemon Go? (Is Kartana A Rare Pokemon?)

As a Pokémon Go player with many years of experience, I can say Kartana is one of my all-time favorite Pokémon.

With it being an Ultra Beast, it was arguably difficult to find and catch, but once I got it, it felt like the ultimate Pokémon trophy 🏆.

In case you also have your eyes on Kartana, but don’t know where or how to get it, I wrote this article just for you.

Is Kartana a rare Pokémon?

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Yes, Kartana is quite a rare Pokémon to find in the wild. Kartana is part of a class of Pokémon that are regionally exclusive, meaning it can only be found in certain parts of the world, although through special rotations and events, Pokémon Go players can still catch them irrespective of their location.

Kartana, however, is different because, like other Pokémon such as Celesteela, it is a regionally exclusive Ultra Beast that you can only get by winning a 5-star raid.

Ultra beasts are some of the least likely Pokémon to spawn in the wild, but you can also get in a Pokémon Go Great Box if you are not skilled enough to win them in battle.

How to catch Kartana in Pokémon

 Kartana-Can Kartana Be Shiny In Pokemon Go?
Catch Kartana in Pokémon. Image source: Pokemon

As earlier stated, Kartana can only be caught in a 5-star raid after defeating it. With Kartana being a grass- and steep-type Ultra Beast Pokémon, you will need proper strategy and effective Pokémon to win it.

Due to Kartana’s type, it is most vulnerable to fighting- ⚔️ and fire-type 🔥 attacks, so here are some of the best Pokémon you can use during battle since they have the highest CPs and most impressive statistics:

Fighting-Type Pokemon

Machamp/Shadow Machamp

Mega Lopunny (also a normal-type)

Hariyama/Shadow Hariyama

Lucario (also a steel-type)

Gallade (also a psychic-type)

Fire-Type Pokemon

Arcanine/Shadow Archanine

Typhlosion/Shadow Typhlosion

Entei/Shadow Entei

Moltres/Shadow Moltres (also a flying-type)

Mega Charizard y (also a flying-type)

Ho-Oh/Shadow Ho-Oh (also a flying-type)

Reshiram (also a dragon-type)

With these Pokémon, you can use different moves such as incinerate, fire blast, overheat, and fire fang with fire-type ones and low kick, counter, close combat, and dynamic punch with fighting-type Pokémon.

Premier balls can also come in handy during a Kartana battle, but they must be used carefully because only a limited number are available per fight.

Another good tactic is making Curveball Throws, especially when Kartana’s target ring is smaller in diameter.

Razz Berries can also make catching Kartana easier as they slow down its movements which allow for more precise throws.

Why is there no shiny Kartana in Pokémon?

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There is no shiny Kartana because it has not been released by Niantic. Shiny Pokémon are rare forms with different colors from their original Pokémon, which makes them highly coveted collectibles in the game.

Some Pokémon do not have a shiny version released in Pokémon Go, and Kartana is one of them.

Niantic developers typically take years to come up with shiny Pokémon versions, so trainers can still remain hopeful that even though Kartana debuted in September 2022, there is a possibility its shiny variant will launch in future events 😊.

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