What is Flutter Mane weakness in Pokémon Scarlet? (what is Flutter Mane weak against?)

As an all-time Pokémon trainer, I found myself face-to-face with the majestic Flutter Mane. A strategic dance unfolded as my Pokémon engaged in the electrifying clash against Flutter Mane.

Each move, a calculated risk, brought me closer to deciphering the creature’s weaknesses.

Amid this captivating encounter, I resolved to explore and understand the intricacies of Flutter Mane’s weaknesses. I was impressed to learn that it is weak to steel and Ghost types.

Join me on this immersive journey as we unravel the secrets of Flutter Mane’s vulnerabilities in Pokémon Scarlet.

Let the adventure begin! 🌌🔍

What type is Flutter Mane weak against?

What type is Flutter Mane weak against?
Flutter Mane. Image source: Pinterest

Flutter Mane, a Pokémon belonging to the Ghost and Fairy types, made its debut in Generation 9. Its vulnerabilities include susceptibility to Ghost and Steel-type moves.

Here’s a deeper look into its vulnerabilities 😣:

Ghost-type moves: Given Flutter Mane’s Ghost typing, Ghost-type attacks hold significant effectiveness, inflicting double the standard damage to the Pokémon.

Steel-type moves: Fairy types, exemplified by Flutter Mane, exhibit a weakness to Steel-type moves. Consequently, Steel-type attacks will also cause double the typical damage to Flutter Mane.

What is the best counter against Flutter Mane?

What is the best counter against Flutter Mane?
Best counter against Flutter Mane. Image source: Pinterest

Flutter Mane, possessing the Ghost and Fairy typings, demonstrates vulnerability to Ghost and Steel-type moves.

Consequently, Pokémon’s proficiency in employing these move types proves effective as counters.

Here are specific tactics 👏:

  • Blissey: Acknowledged as the optimal overall counter🔥, Blissey withstands Flutter Mane’s assaults and retaliates with damage via Shadow Ball. For instance, a Choice Specs Flutter Mane’s Psyshock guarantees only a 3HKO against a Blissey with 4 HP and 252 Def.
  • Clodsire: Effectively countering all Flutter Mane setups, except those employing Calm Mind alongside Water Absorb and Specs Psyshock, Clodsire adopts a strategy involving Toxic and Recover stalling. Following Leftovers recovery, a Flutter Mane’s Psyshock secures a 3HKO against a Clodsire with 252 HP and 192 Def.
  • Iron Treads: An Assault Vest-equipped Iron Treads effectively counters all non-Mystical Fire sets of Flutter Mane. Notably, a Choice Specs Flutter Mane’s Shadow Ball guarantees a 3HKO against an Iron Treads with 252 HP and 16+ SpD.
  • Tera Fire Double Dance Koraidon: Although requiring a strategic switch, this approach proves challenging but rewarding. If executed successfully, Flame Charge secures an OHKO.

Is Flutter Mane a good Pokémon in Scarlet?

Via Tenor

Flutter Mane is indeed considered a strong Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet.

Here is why🥰



High Special Stats

Flutter Mane possesses formidable Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed attributes, making it a potent choice for a commanding lead or a proficient late-game sweeper.

Strong Moves

Shadow Ball and Moonblast stand out as Flutter Mane’s most potent STAB moves, and the addition of Calm Mind amplifies its already elevated Special stats.

Protosynthesis Ability

This distinctive capability amplifies Flutter Mane’s top stat by 30% during intense sunlight or when equipped with Booster Energy. When Speed holds the highest rank, the boost increases to 50%.

Versatile Movesets

The extensive array of attack choices and utility moves at Flutter Mane’s disposal establishes it as a formidable standalone threat.

Effectiveness in Battles

Flutter Mane is a formidable choice in individual and paired battles within the Pokémon Scarlet context.

What type is Scarlet Flutter Mane?

What type is Scarlet Flutter Mane?
Scarlet Flutter Mane. Image source: Pinterest

Flutter Mane is a Pokémon of the Ghost and Fairy types introduced in Generation 9 within the Pokémon Scarlet series☺️.

It possesses a distinctive ability known as Protosynthesis, enhancing its highest stat by 30% in harsh sunlight or when holding a Booster Energy.

Notably, if Flutter Mane’s Speed stat claims the top position, the increase rises to 50%. This characteristic renders Flutter Mane a formidable participant in Pokémon battles.

How do you defeat a ground tera-type flutter mane?

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To overcome a Ground Tera type Flutter Mane, strategic planning is essential💪. Follow these steps:

  1. Initiate the battle by employing Fake Tears twice to reduce the Raid Pokémon’s Special Defense stat.
  2. Following the reduction in the Raid Pokémon’s Special Defense, utilize Calm Mind to enhance Flutter Mane’s Special Attack and Special Defense.
  3. Proceed by repeatedly using Shadow Ball.
  4. When sufficient Tera Orb charge is accumulated, initiate the Terastallize maneuver.

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