What Pokémon can beat Arceus? (best Pokémon to counter Arceus)

I’ve played many Pokemon battles since I was a kid, and I love a challenge. If beating Arceus isn’t one, I don’t know what is.

Arceus is one of the most powerful creatures in Pokémon, but it is beatable. With the right training and strategy, some Pokémon can give it a good fight and take it down in battle.

I’m excited to share the Pokémon you can use against Arceus to try out in your next battle!😎

So, let’s chat about what Arceus is weak against, the best move-set to use, some non-legendary Pokémon that can defeat Arceus, and find out if Mewtwo can defeat Arceus in battle.


What is Arceus weak against?

best Pokémon to counter Arceus
What is Arceus weak against? Image source: Pinterest

Arceus is weak against Fighting types because it is a Normal type. Even so, Arceus is powerful, and not many Fighting types can go against it.

A Pure Fighting type with Gigantamax form like Machamp has the potential to defeat it ⚔️.

What is the best move-set to use against Arceus?

Pokémon to counter Arceus
Best move-set to use against Arceus. Image source: Pinterest

Revenge killing is a great move to use against Arceus. Arceus’ best moves are Shadow Claw and Hyper Beam, but it is vulnerable to revenge killing because it is not immune to Extreme Speed.

Other Pokémon like Mega Gengar and Marshadow naturally out-speed Arceus and are immune to Extreme Speed.

Marshadow can use Close Combat to defeat Arceus, especially if it doesn’t have Chople Berry. Mega Gengar can use Focus Blast to revenge kill, Will-O-Wisp to burn Arceus, or forcefully trade with Destiny Bond.

What non-legendary Pokémon can defeat Arceus?

Several non-legendary Pokémon can defeat Arceus with the right training and moves 😈. Let’s look at some of them below:

Non-legendary Pokémon





Arceus is weakest against a Fighting type, so what better strategy than to use a pure Fighting type with a Gigantamax form? Machamp has strong moves and can take down a ghost-type Arceus with Max Darkness.



Lucaro’s Fighting type moves are effective against Arceus, and its steel-ness can give it a good defence against Arceus’ attacks.



Even with poor moves and stats, the Unown Pokémon have a good chance of beating Arceus. They both respond to Azure Flute, and Unown are the closest Pokémon to Arceus. With a desire to destroy Arceus, Unown has a good chance of beating it.

Iron Hands


Iron Hands has boosts to powerful moves like Wild Charge and Close Combat. Combined with the Belly Drum-Drain Punch, it is a threat to Arceus.



Both Snorlax and Arceus are weak against Fighting types. With Snorlax, Arceus would do neutral damage, which Snorlax can survive with healing options like Sitrus Berry.



Ditto can take on Arceus’ form and abilities. It will have to take Arceus down quickly because every move it has access to has only 5 PP.



The greatest strength of Greninja against Arceus is the Hidden Ability Protean, which allows it to acquire the typing of the last move it used. It can use a super damage move and resist the follow-up attack.



Dragonite has a big pool of moves with one of the highest stat totals. Even though it is weak to Ice-type moves, it has powerful moves like Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Flamethrower against Arceus.

Can Mewtwo beat Arceus in battle?

Pokémon that can beat Arceus
Mewtwo VS Arceus battle. Image source: Pinterest

No, Mewtwo is unlikely to beat Arceus . Mewtwo is a genetic enhancement of Mew and has remarkable psychic powers and intellect, greater than Arceus.

However, Arceus has an impressive power level🔥. Mewtwo is weak against Arceus’ ghost type, and Arceus can switch types on the go.

Therefore, Mewtwo’s attacks may not be effective on Arceus.

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