Can You Get Arceus in Pokemon Go? (How to Get Arceus in Pokemon Go)

I was excited to hear that Hisuian Typhlosion will feature in the January 14th Pokemon Go Raid Event 😊. Like many trainers, I believe this brings us closer to finally getting Arceus in Pokemon Go, something I’ve looked forward to for a while.

With the latest rumors suggesting Arceus might be introduced in the 2024 GoFest, I thought it would be a good idea to prepare you for this event.

So, here’s how to get Arceus in Pokemon Go.

How to get Arceus in Pokemon Go

Get Arceus in Pokemon Go
Arceus in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, you cannot get Arceus in Pokemon Go since Niantic has yet to introduce it 😞. Arceus is a Normal type Pokemon that hails from Sinnoh.

It’s said to be the creator of Sinnoh, Ransei, and possibly the entire Pokemon Universe. This coveted Pokemon packs some impressive stats and has 18 different forms depending on its type.

Although it’s not in Pokemon Go, players hope Niantic will introduce it soon.

As such, theories abound about how to capture Arceus. For instance, many suggest that since it’s a Normal Type, you’ll need a Fighting type to subdue it.

Others recommend training and maxing out your strongest fighters and gathering Potions and Revives for your battle.

Additionally, monitor for official announcements, Raid Battles, Special Research, and Events. Arceus is a legendary Pokemon that might feature in this year’s Raid Events.

Where to find Arceus in Pokemon Go

Ways to Get Arceus in Pokemon Go
Arceus in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, Arceus isn’t available in Pokemon Go. However, it features in other games as part of the main storyline or an Event.

Here’s a table breaking down where to find Arceus in other Pokemon games 👇.


Where to find Arceus

Diamond Pearl

Hall of Origin


Hall of Origin



Black2 White2

Pokemon Transfer



Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire


Sun Moon


Ultra Sun Ultra Moon


Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

Hall of Origin

Legends: Arceus

Hall of Origin

As seen, you can find Arceus in the Hall of Origin in some games. The Hall of Origin is above Spear Pillar in Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl.

In Legends: Arceus, it’s part of the Temple of Sinnoh.

In most games, however, Arceus was part of one-time Events and Raids. Many speculate that Niantic will take this approach should they introduce Arceus in Pokemon Go 🧐.

What are the requirements for unlocking Arceus in Pokemon Go?


Again, Arceus is unavailable in Pokemon Go. However, rumors suggest Niantic will introduce it in the 2024 Go Fest.

As mentioned, Arceus can take on any typing in the main series. Implementing this mechanism in Pokemon Go might pose a challenge, making it difficult to predict the exact requirements to capture Arceus.

However, based on its stats, we can assume you’ll need the game’s latest version, a strong team, loads of potions and revives, and a powerful Pokemon to counter it.

You’ll also need to stock up on Poke Balls and work on your aim. The main series lets you use Plates to alter Arceus’ typing.

Perhaps Niantic will introduce this feature and make it part of the requirements for catching Arceus. At this point, it’s too early to tell.

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