What does Pokémon TCG mean? (How to play Pokémon trading card game)

☺️The other day, my best friend suggested that we play Pokémon TCG (Pokémon Trading Card Game), and I couldn’t hide my excitement.

Though it reminded me of the 90s, I was a bit intimidated because I was not sure of the right strategies to use.

The first round was challenging for me, but even though he won, I was determined to learn. I spent the next couple of weeks practicing, and within no time, I was an expert.

So today, I will share with you what you need to know regarding how to play Pokémon TCG.

How does the Pokémon TCG work?

TCG-What does Pokémon TCG mean? 
Pokémon TCG. Image source: Pinterest

✌️Pokémon TCG is a 2-player card game in which participants go against each other using 60 card decks. Suppose you choose to play it against your friend.

Your task is to build decks around cards that feature Pokémon characters. Both you and the opponent take turns using attacks and abilities in an attempt to defeat each other.

Your main goal is to build a powerful deck and defeat your opponent. The matches can last for a few minutes or hours, depending on the gameplay.

Is Pokémon TCG easy?

🤔It depends on whether you are playing for the first time or have some experience. The rules of this game may seem overwhelming for a beginner.

However, most experienced players find Pokémon TCG actually easy to play.

This interesting game requires some planning and strategy in order for you to beat your opponent. To practice, consider downloading the Pokémon trade card game online for free on your computer.

The Pokémon TCG card game online is available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC. The tutorial will help you learn the basics of how to play and all the rules you should familiarize yourself with.

You can also learn how to play the game and grow your skills by watching Pokémon content creators on platforms like YouTube.

How to play the Pokémon trading card game

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At the start of the game, you and your opponent can flip a coin to determine who goes first. The decks are then shuffled, and players draw a hand of seven cards.

The top six cards should be set aside as prize cards. Feel free to add one of these to your hand every team you defeat the opponent’s Pokémon.

You can place one of the basic Pokémon cards facing down as your active Pokémon and up to five more Pokémon on the bench.

If you do not have a basic Pokémon card in your hand, once you draw the first hand of 7 cards, you have to show your hand to your opponent and then draw 7 more hands.

Repeat this process until you have one basic Pokémon. If you manage to pick all the six cards before your opponent, you win.

How to read Pokémon cards for beginners

How to play Pokémon trading card game
How to read Pokémon cards. Image source: Pinterest

You will find three categories of cards in any given deck of Pokémon TCG. Let’s start by looking at the categories below.

Card type

What it represents

Character cards

Pokémon used for attacking. These character cards include types like water, fire, grass, lightning, fighting, and dragon.

Trainer cards

These have different effects, such as searching for precise cards, drawing, and healing. They come in three types, namely item cards, stadium cards, and supporter cards.

Energy Cards

These power up Pokémon attacks. Some of the types of energy cards include darkness, Psychic, water, grass, metal, fairy, and fire.

As you build your deck, you should ensure that it has a mix of evolved and basic Pokémon cards. The cards should complement each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

Ensure you have a good mix of energy cards, including both special and basic energy cards. 👌 Have a good balance of the three categories of Pokémon cards.

If you come across a circle in your card, it indicates that it is common. Such cards are the most basic. On the other hand, a diamond in your card indicates that it is uncommon.

Such cards are slightly harder to find. A star on your card indicates that it is rare.

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