What Is the Point of Pokémon Home? (How Does Pokémon Home Work?)

Pokémon Home offers better storage capacity and Pokémon transfer support as well as the added perks of Home points (convertible to BP), trade support, and the judge function.

I vividly recall the first time I experienced Pokémon Bank. I was enthused over my catalog of Pokémon, which fed my insatiable desire to complete the Pokédex.

Little did I know that there would soon be a better storage option that would bring me even more thrill. When I think of Pokémon Home, I consider it a “smarter” 😎and new generation alternative to Pokémon Bank.

Some of Home’s features that stood out most for me include its capacity to support direct trades among players and its Pokémon storage that is double the bank’s.

Let us see what more Home has to offer and how it works:

How Does Pokémon Home Work?

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How Much Does Pokémon Home Cost?

How Much Does Pokémon Home Cost?
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The price of Pokémon Home depends on the subscription plan you choose. There are four such options. The first is the Basic Plan, which you can subscribe to for free😃.

However, it comes with limited features, implying you will not get to enjoy the full benefits of Home😔.

The other options are monthly, 90-day, and annual plans.

These cost $3, $5, and $16, respectively. You can buy the subscription plan of your choice via the Nintendo eShop.

Expectedly, there are differences between the features in a free plan and those for a paid plan. The table below summarizes these points of contrast:

Feature Description:

Free Plan:

Paid Plan:

Ability to get Pokémon from Pokémon Bank



Amount of Pokémon deposits

30 Pokémon

600 Pokémon

Judge function



Amount of Pokémon to place in GTS simultaneously

1 Pokémon

3 Pokémon

Amount of Pokémon to place in Wonder Box simultaneously

3 Pokémon

10 Pokémon

Room Trade

You can only participate

You can host and participate

Which Games are Compatible with Pokémon Home?

Which Games are Compatible with Pokémon Home?
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Pokémon Home is compatible with Pokémon GO. Compatibility with Scarlet and Violet only started recently.

Some of the Nintendo Switch variations compatible with Home include Legends: Arceus, Sword and Shield, Eevee, Let’s Go, Pikachu/Let’s Go, and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl.

In the future, as more Pokémon game variations emerge, Home will add support to accommodate them accordingly.

Additionally, the Pokémon transfer feature implies you can store monsters from Pokémon X/Y, Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, Omega Ruby/Alpha Saphire, and Sun/Moon.

You can do the same for Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal and Red/Blue/Yellow, but only on the Virtual Console version.

Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal and Red/Blue/Yellow

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How Does Pokémon Home Work?

Pokémon Home entails a cloud-based deliverable where you can store and trade🤝 your Pokémon with other players. It also enables you to transfer Pokémon from one Pokémon game to another without limits.

Upon downloading the Home app, you can maximize the benefits of Pokémon transfers by linking it to your Nintendo account.

Among the gains that Home offers include detailed Pokédex information and the ability to search for Pokémon by their abilities and types.

The app supports diverse kinds of trade: friends, GTS, wonder box, and room trades. It offers a storage capacity of up to 6000 Pokémon and a judge function to give insights into a Pokémon’s potential strength💪.

There are added benefits restricted to Sword and Shield, such as mystery gifts🎁 and ranked battle data.

What are Points in Pokémon Home?

What are Points in Pokémon Home?
Pokémon Home. Image source: Pinterest

Pokémon Home points are the points Home awards you earn as you continue to use the app. There is no clear explanation of what you would need to do to earn🤷 these points.

However, you could earn🫰 points by merely doing anything on the app.

For instance, you could complete challenges, populate Home boxes with Pokémon, or facilitate trades.

These points will not reflect in your account immediately upon doing a specific action, which explains why no one knows the specific actions that earn points.

When your balance reaches 30 points, you can convert these into Battle Points (BP) 🤑with which you can make high-end purchases in certain games like Sword and Shield.

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