What is the smallest Pokémon region? (What is the least populated Pokémon region?)

Kanto is the smallest Pokémon region since it has the least number of cities and towns. Some players have, however, argued that Alola and Johto are way smaller.

Outside of the gaming activities, my friends and I frequently get into small arguments about everything in the Pokémon World.

The latest that got us at odds till late hours was the biggest and smallest Pokémon regions. We couldn’t settle on one answer, so we ultimately agreed to disagree 😉.

However, now I realize that we did not lay grounds on whether our assessment was dependent on population or land area.

The two are crucial if you want to reach a unanimous conclusion. So, let’s dive into the Pokémon regions and see which is the smallest.

What is the largest Pokémon region?

What is the largest Pokémon region?
Largest Pokémon region. Image source: Pinterest

I have heard Pokémon lovers say Unova is the largest region. Some say Kalos is, while others are adamant that neither of the former is bigger than Galar.

The truth is, they are all right ☑️, depending on the context. In terms of size and population, Kalos is the largest, but Unova has the largest number of original Pokémon, while Galar is arguably the biggest region introduced in the franchise.

Players’ opinions mostly influence the decision on which is the largest or the smallest. Some only consider the landmass, while others consider the playable regions.

There are also certain places in different regions that players only fly over, so most fans don’t consider them.

What is the least populated Pokémon region?


It is hard to determine the least populated region in Pokémon because the statistics change depending on the generation.

Generally, Kanto, Hoenn, and Alola are the least populated of the nine core Pokémon regions.

Also, Kanto usually comes at the top with a population of 391 and 364 in Generation III and Generation IV, respectively.

Geographical isolation and small land mass are a contributor to the low population in Alola.

So, independent of the new Pokémon, Alola still has a low overall population.

Which region has the least number of new Pokémon?

Which region has the least number of new Pokémon?
Region has the least number of new Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Kalos, despite being the largest, is also the region with the least number of newly introduced Pokémon. It is a bit disappointing if you consider that Kalos has vast landscapes compared to other regions and the fact that new Pokémon play a huge role in attracting new players to the game.

I am definitely among the players disappointed by the small number, 🙁 but the expansion roster in other regions is rather pleasing 😀.

So, let’s look at the number of Pokémon introduced in the main series of each region. Note that Regional Variations and Mega Evaluations affect the number of new Pokémon in the regions.


Number of new Pokémon




Pokémon X & Y



Pokémon Gold & Silver



Pokémon Red & Blue



Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire



Pokémon Diamond Pearl



Pokémon Black and White



Pokémon Sun & Moon and their Ultra Versions



Pokémon Sword & Shield

Smallest or largest, least or most populated, I appreciate a good Pokémon chat any day. And the growing Pokémon world promises a lot of that.

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