Can You Play Pokémon Go Without Moving? (Do You Have to Move While Playing Pokémon Go?)

I got into Pokémon Go during the pandemic. It made grocery runs exciting and provided a reprieve from the seemingly endless lockdown.

However, the restrictions made it harder to go outside. So, I tried playing from my apartment. It didn’t work, and that’s when a friend recommended location spoofers.

I researched some options before settling on one. Although it worked, I preferred playing the game in person and was glad when lockdown ended.

Fast forward a few years, and I’ve seen several people ask how to play Pokémon Go without walking. So, here’s how to do it.

Do you have to move while playing Pokémon Go?


No. You don’t have to move while playing Pokémon Go. However, you’ll need a location spoofer to achieve this.

A location spoofer fakes your location and tricks the game that you’re moving. It’s worth noting, however, that this method violates the game’s terms and conditions.

Pokémon Go’s creators, Niantic, will issue two warnings if they find out you’re using a location spoofer. After the third warning, they will ban your account.

How do you simulate walking in Pokémon Go?

As mentioned, you can use a location spoofer or changer to simulate movement in the game. This software tricks the game into thinking you’re moving, even when you are not.


Do You Have to Move While Playing Pokémon Go?
Location spoofers on IOS. Image source: Pinterest

Popular location spoofers on IOS include MockGo and iMovie. Here’s how to set up location changes on your iPhone 📱.

  1. Download and launch the program on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone.
  3. Select “Multistep mode” if you’re using MockGo.
  4. Choose several destinations and the number of times you want to “Walk” around.
  5. Adjust the speed and hit “Start.”

It’s worth noting that these steps vary from one software to another. Furthermore, some location spoofers require you to jailbreak your iPhone. As such, research the terms of use for your preferred software.

On Android

Playing Pokémon Go Without Moving
Location spoofers on Android. Image source: Pinterest

Using location spoofers on Android follows a different path. Most apps require you to root or downgrade your smartphone. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Android 6, 7, and 8: Downgrade without rooting your device.
  2. Android 8 and 9: Use Magisk to root your smartphone.
  3. Android 10 and later: Use Smali Patcher to root your device.

Once you’re done, enable developer mode, download your preferred location spoofer, and activate “Mock location.”

How to Play Pokémon Go without physically Moving/Walking.

As mentioned, a location spoofer lets you play Pokémon Go without physically moving. Here’s a breakdown of popular location spoofers 👇:

Operating system


IOS/ Android


IOS/ Android

Dr. Fone

IOS/ Android

Nord VPN

IOS/ Android

TUTU app

IOS/ Android



Relocate (location spoofer)


iTools by Thinksy


Pokémon Go ++

Should you play Pokémon Go without moving?

Playing Pokémon Go
Play Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Although you can play Pokémon Go without moving, you probably shouldn’t. For one, it’s too risky. Niantic bans users that use location spoofers.

Furthermore, some location changers require you to jailbreak or root your device.

⚠️ Jailbreaking or rooting your device carries its share of drawbacks. Here are four:

  1. Voiding your warranty.
  2. Leaves your phone vulnerable to malware and other security risks.
  3. Affects your battery life and performance.
  4. You may render your phone unusable.

When you think about it, no game is worth these risks. Besides, going through the trouble diminishes the Pokémon Go experience.

The game is a fun excuse to explore your town. Plus, you’ll join a robust community of trainers in your area, which makes raids, battles, and hunts more fun.

In summary, Pokémon Go relies heavily on movement. It forms part of the game’s mechanics and adds to the fun. You’ll get to work out and meet new people, something most games cannot claim 😃.

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