What Pokémon can learn headbutt? (is headbutt a good move for Pokémon?)

One of my favorite things to do while playing Pokémon is discover the different move sets and their unique features that make the game more interesting.

Lately, the headbutt move set has captivated my attention because of its unique feature where the Pokémon uses its head to initiate the attack on the opponent.

As a Pokémon enthusiast, I am interested in understanding the headbutt move and how it benefits the Pokémon The Pokémon that can learn headbutt .

Therefore, I will help you decipher whether a headbutt is a good move for a Pokémon, where it can be found, and how it can be taught.

Let us get started;

 headbutt as a move for Pokémon


Is headbutting a good move for Pokémon?

headbutt-What Pokémon can learn headbutt?
Headbutting. Image source: Pokemon

Headbutt is a good move for Pokémon because of its attack technique and has essential features that are required during the battle. The Headbutt move is best known for how its attack weakens the rival during the Pokémon battle.

Headbutt is used as the first move and the following attack move used will destroy the enemy bringing victory for the Pokémon used during the game Pokémon headbutt?.

Headbutt has a high damage tolerance and protects the Pokémon from suffering a great deal of injury during the battle.

Apart from using a headbutt to cause injury to the opponent, it can be used to hit a tree to create a wild Pokémon for additional points.

How to teach Pokémon headbutt move?

What Pokémon can learn the headbutt?
Pokémon headbutt move. Image source: Pinterest

The best way to teach Pokémon the headbutt move is through a move tutor found in Ilex forest. You should head to Goldenrod City and move to the south to find the move tutor and select headbutt as the move to learn.

The main requirement needed is selecting a Pokémon that can learn the headbutt move. The Move Tutor in Ilex Forest is free and you can use it to teach your Pokémon as many times as it learns the headbutt move.

The headbutt move should be taught depending on the Pokémon generation game level you intend to play. Each game level has specific instructions that should be followed when teaching a move like a headbutt to the Pokémon selected.

Where to get headbutted in Pokémon go

is headbutt a good move for Pokémons?
Headbutted in Pokémon go. Image source: Pinterest

Headbutt can be found in the Pokémon Go Silver Soul version by heading to the Ilex forest. You need to explore the forest and identify a man standing near the trees located over the ridge and ask about a headbutt .

The man will respond that he is ‘headbutting’ the trees and ask him to teach your Pokémon. You can be taught the headbutt moves several times if your Pokémon keeps forgetting since it is a free move.

Please ensure that you select a Pokémon with the ability to learn the headbutt move before heading to the Ilex forest to locate the move tutor. Slowpoke, Dewgong, Tauros, and Seedot are some of the Pokémon that can learn the headbutt move depending on the game level.

which Pokémon can learn headbutt?


How much damage can a headbutt move deal?

A Headbutt move is categorized as a normal move and the level of damage that it can deal is about 70. The headbutt move helps the Pokémon increase its chances of flinching an opponent to 30% during the game.

Let us look at some of the headbutt move features taught to a Pokémon What Pokémon can actually learn headbutt? 

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