How to get 0 IV Pokémon (What is the easiest way to get 0 IV Pokémon?)

I have played Pokémon ever since the 1990s craze, and 0 IV Pokémon has become my favorite quest in the game.

I discovered that getting the 0IV Pokémon is quite a journey, and that is what makes the game quite interesting💪.

As a Pokémon enthusiast. I will help you discover how the 0 IV Pokémon can be bred if they can be loved if it is possible to have and explain their rarity.

Let’s get started;

How do you breed 0 IV in Pokémon Go?

easiest way to get 0 IV Pokémon
Breed 0 IV in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

You can breed 0 IV in Pokémon Go through a combination of the power items from the Pokémon parents and merging it with Destiny Knot.

The parents have several IVs, and about 5 will be passed down to the offspring Pokémon through using the Destiny Knot Item🙌.

The power items play a major role in the breeding process because they retract a special IV from either of the parent Pokémon and pass it down to the offspring.

A 0 IV Pokémon will be achieved at the end of the breeding process.

Is there a way to love IVs in Pokémon Go?

There is no exact way stated that you could use to love the IVs, but there are certain mechanisms you can use to develop fondness with them.

You can develop a fondness through learning about its move sets and understanding its performance in the game.

Explore the IVs through searching and unlocking all their hidden talents and abilities that will be efficient in Pokémon Go🥳.

Giving the IVs some extra attention means that you will discover they can be quite an effective addition to the Pokémon team members.

Is it possible to have 0 IVs?

What is the easiest way to get 0 IV Pokémon?
0 IVs. Image source: Pinterest

IVs are the hidden values that range from 0 to 31 depending on the base stats, which makes 0 IVs quite inevitable.

0 IVs in Pokémon Go are less desirable because it signifies that they have some of the lowest potential and are not reliable for battle.

However, the 0 IVs can be quite valuable in battle, especially because they are quite slow and can save the Pokémon from dangerous moves 😁.

The 0 IVs Pokémon also protect the special attackers from self-inflicted damage during the battle because of their slower response.

How rare is a 0% IV Pokémon go?

get 0 IV Pokémon
0% IV Pokémon go. Image source: Pinterest

The 0% IV Pokémon Go is quite rare to catch or encounter during the game. You will be tempted to store the Pokémon not because it is beneficial for battle but because it is rare, and it will take ages before you encounter it again.

0% IV Pokémon are rare because, unlike other 100% Pokémon in the game, it is not possible to catch it through raids or battles.

The Pokémon’s rarity increases its value, and that is why it is classified as a collector item instead of being used in combat during the game.

Let’s look at a comparison between 0% IV Pokémon and 100% Pokémon;


0%IV Pokémon

100% Pokémon





It is very hard to capture

It can be captured through trading, raids, and battles.


They are slow, hence poor defense mechanisms.

Can deal a lot of damage and have high attack stats.

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