What Pokémon does N have? (What is N’s Pokémon team?)

Since I began enjoying Pokémon games in the ’90s, the Natural Harmonia Gropius storyline of truths and ideals has always intrigued me🥰. N’s two ideologies made me wonder what Pokémon he was more associated with on his team.

This is because when N realized that Ghetsis was using him, he turned to help the player character against Ghetsis, and this made me curious about what Pokémon he had on his team after noticing the error.

Is it the ideal Zekrom or the truth, Reshiram?

Let’s continue reading to discover what Pokémon N has on his team.

N’s Pokémon team

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What Pokémon type does N have?

N has unique Pokémon on its team with compelling moves and valuable abilities, including Zekrom, Reshiram, Carracosta, Klinklang, Archeops, Vanilluxe and Zoroark .

The table below shows the types of Pokémon N has on his team and their unique moves🤔:

The type of Pokémon N has

Type of ability


Electric and Dragon


Dragon and Fire 🔥


Water and Rock


Rock and Flying


Ice type ability


Dark and fighting


Psychic and rock


Ice and Fairy

You should note that the first Pokémon N had on his team was Purrloin before it was stolen from his team🥵.

What legendary Pokémon does N have?

What is N’s Pokémon team?
What legendary Pokémon does N have?. Image source: Pokemon

The legendary Pokémon N on his team includes Zekrom and Reshiram. Zekrom is a legendary electric and dragon-type Pokémon of Pokémon black.

N uses Zekrom to destroy the Pokémon League and fight against Shin. Zekrom uses the Fusion Bolt and Dragon Claw moves in its battles.

On the other hand, Pokémon white has Reshiram, which is a dragon and Fire legendary Pokémon. Reshiram uses the Fusion Flare, and Flamethrower moves in battles.

In Pokémon Black 2, N has Zekrom as his legendary Pokémon and Reshiram of Pokémon white 2. The two legendaries emerge after you have talked to N.

When you use the light and dark stones, the two legendary Pokémon reveal their true nature💪.

What dragon Pokémon is associated more with N?

The Pokémon N have

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The dragon-type Pokémon associated more with N in Reshiram. Reshiram is associated more with N because it’s a dragon and fire type Pokémon of Pokémon white that represents the role of N in games.

Arguably, Reshiram is the only known Pokémon that belongs to N’s team, making it more associated with N🤪. Reshiram represents the truth on N’s team.

Many Pokémon trainers agree that the design that fits N best is that of Reshiram. Since Reshiram is Pokémon white, many agree that it represents everything pure and right that N advocates for.

On the other hand, some Pokémon trainers argue that N is associated more with Zekrom as N belongs to the plasma team that focuses on ideals.

However, the truth is what N was seeking, and that is where Reshiram takes the place of being more associated with N.

What is N’s Pokémon team?

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