What type of element is Charizard? (Is Charizard a dual-element Pokémon?)

I’ve always wondered what type of element Charizard is. I know it’s a fire-flying type, but some of its evolution lacks the flying element. 🤔When you think about it, Charizard is a very reserved yet powerful Pokémon.

Thanks to its multiple evolutions, there is some confusion concerning the type of element it really is. This is why I took the time to research Charizard and its evolution journey.

Keep reading to learn about the makings of a Charizard Pokémon.

Is Charizard a dual-element Pokémon?

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Which Charizard is fire?

Can Charizard be considered a Pokémon with two elemental types, Fire and Flying?
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Charmander is a Charizard fire type that appears in Generation 1 . This reptilian Pokémon is bipedal and orange-colored.

You can also identify it by its blue eyes and light yellow or cream underbelly. Although the fire element relates to the Salamander species, Charmander is a Lizard Pokémon.

The most unique feature of Charmander is the flame at the tip of its tail. The flame can help you determine how healthy a Charmander is. For instance, the fire burns weakly when the Pokémon is weak or sick.

However, when Charmander is strong, the flame is extremely bright🔥. This flame is also a great way to read the Pokémon’s mood. If the flame is blazing, that should tell you that Charmander is furious.

When the Pokémon is happy the flame appears to be wavering or making dance-like movements. When it rains, the flame continues burning while producing some steam. If the fire goes out, this Pokémon will die.

Charmeleon is another fire Charizard that appears in level 1. At level 16, the Charmander evolves and becomes a Charmeleon.

Unlike Charmander, this fire type is a bit more ferocious. This Pokémon uses its fiery tail as a fiery tail as a weapon.

Charmander is also has deadly claws that it uses to weaken its enemies. At level 36, Charmeleon evolves into Charizard.

Is Charizard pure fire?

Is Charizard classified as a dual-type Pokémon with Fire and Flying elements?
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No, Charizard is not pure fire. This Pokémon is a fire/flying type that first appears in Generation 1 at level 36. Most of its skin is orange, while its underbelly is cream or light yellow.

The most fascinating thing about Charizard is that it never fights a weaker opponent. Instead, it flies around looking for strong 💪opponents to engage in combat with.

Charizard does this to gain experience. This incredibly powerful Pokémon has fiery breath hot enough to trigger forest fires and melt huge glaciers and boulders.

Just like its predecessors, Charizard has a burning flame at the tip of its tail. Charizard is so cool that it can swim underwater while the flame is still on.

Since it is the final form of Charmander, it’s no wonder it can Mega Evolve into 3 cool forms. These are Mega Charizard Y, Mega Charizard X, and Gigantamax Charizard.

Is there a grass-type Charizard?

Does Charizard belong to both Fire and Flying types?
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There is no grass-type Charizard in Pokémon. However, Pokémon fans think a grass-type Charizard would be the 👌coolest thing.

That’s why there is an online community with over 4 million members. The community is named Grass-type Charizard.

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