Is Charizard Charmander? (Is Charizard Same as Charmander?)


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Remember your first time playing Pokémon Go? That choice between Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and good old Charmander? If you’ve been around for much longer, the nostalgia probably runs deeper for you. I believe you remember the original Charmander designs, with the back fin and the most magnificent flame I ever saw on any Pokémon😭😢.

Perhaps you eventually got absorbed into the Charizard craze, or what I like to call “the charm of the Pseudo mascot,” but everyone always remembers the Charmander. In this article, we’ll dive back into those roots as we compare Charmander and Charizard.

What is the difference between Charmander and Charizard?

Is Charizard Charmander?
Charmander vs Charizard. Image source: Pokemon

Charizard is the evolved version of a Charmeleon and the final evolution of the Charmander. Charmander is the starter fire type in Pokémon Go since it’s the first member of its family.

At level 16, it evolves into the Charmeleon, the red mid-evolution form (think of it as an angry teenager trying to prove himself. I know I do! 🤣). It then evolves into Charizard at level 36.

The Charmander is a lizard that draws design inspiration from the Salamander myths of medieval Europe. On the other hand, Charizard is more like a European dragon, which is popular among Western countries. Therefore, the Charmander appears as a bipedal lizard with an oval head and body.

According to folklore, the flame on its tail burns brighter when it is healthier and leads to death if it burns out. The Charizard has wings and chunkier arms that can slash better through enemies. The head also becomes more triangular with two horns.

Here is a breakdown of the differences between Charmander and Charizard.




Evolution stage

Charmander is the first evolution stage

Final evolution form

Design inspiration

A lizard inspired by Salamander myths from medieval Europe

A European dragon


Starting Pokémon

Level 36


A bipedal fire-type lizard with an oval head and body and a flaming tail

Grows wings, chunkier arms for slashing, a more triangular head with horns, and a flaming tail.

Mega evolutions


It evolves into two mega evolutions, the Charizard X and Y. It can also grow into a Gigantamax form.

Should you Choose Charmander or Charizard?

While starting, the Charmander is the first evolution form you play with and train before it evolves into Charmeleon and later Charizard. However, you can prevent them from evolving into Charizard.

I once played the entire Pokémon Red using Charmander and Charmeleon because I believe flying exposes the Charizard to more weaknesses with less compensatory tactics.

If you’re playing competitively, I wouldn’t recommend using the Charmander unless your teammates have a plan to compensate for its weaknesses.

The Charmander is a firetype. Hence, it struggles against the first two gyms, rock and water (Brock and Misty🤩). It also remains neutral in the third but gains more energy as the game progresses.

Which is Rarer between Charmander and Charizard?

Is Charizard Charmander? 
Charmander and Charizard. Image source: Pokemon

As members of the same fire-type evolution line, both Pokémon are some of the rarest Pokémon creatures in Pokémon Go. Due to the general hype and admiration of the design, these two Pokemon have gotten rarer over time.

During events or occasions that feature Charmanders, chances of finding them increase dramatically. However, finding wild Charizard in the games is extremely rare. Some players report never having encountered one throughout their gaming journey.

In the card games, finding either of them in near-mint condition is challenging and will probably cost you a dime.

However, you’re probably more likely to purchase a Charmander card than any other Charizard evolution forms.

A Charmander card ranges from 1 USD to 500 USD, depending on the grading, while a Charizard card goes for up to 100000 USD.

What is the relationship between Charmander and Charizard?

Is Charizard Same as Charmander?
Charmander and Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Charmander and Charizard are both fire types of the same evolution line. Charmander is the first stage, while Charizard is the final evolution form.

Growing up, my brother always hated them for one reason: they are a family of fire-type Pokémon who believe no problem can’t be solved with fire, and if there is, you probably aren’t using enough fire!

They both have blaze as their main attack, which means they can throw flames and burn enemies to the ground.

The Charmander has 116 HP and 93 points on defense, which makes it one of the strongest fire types ever. On the other hand, Charizards are better equipped to handle more opponents due to their flying capabilities.

The mega-evolutions can decimate multiple opponents and even burn forests to the ground.

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