Why is Charizard So Rare? (Why are Charizards So Expensive?)

Growing up, I was obsessed with Charmanderūüėä. It is no surprise that today, I am obsessed with Charizard, the evolved version of Charmander.

As today’s young adults, we’ll still break our banks to obtain the highly prized Charizard. Surprisingly, despite being among the first Pok√©mon cards to be produced, Charizards remains rare.

So, let’s dive into why they are so rare, expensive and popular among Pokémon collectors.

Why Is Charizard So Popular Among Pokémon Collectors?

Why are Charizards So Expensive?
Pokémon Collection. Image source: Pokemon

Charizard card is very popular among Pokémon collectors as it remains among the most expensive. On top of their list is the 1999 first Edition Mint Charizard Holo, which retails for up to $150k.

‚̧Due to its popularity among today‚Äôs young adult generation, the demand for Charizard has also increased.

The demand, coupled with how rare they are, is why Charizard cards will remain hotcakes among collectors.

Why Is Charizard So Special?

The Charizard is special because the first ever Charizard cards to be produced were limited edition. Sixteen adopted a unique feature as they lacked shadowing on the illustration box.

These cards were known as ‚ÄėShadowless.‚Äô These Charizard cards were highly valued and quickly sold out. Their unique appearance, as well as their rarity, makes these cards so special to Pok√©mon enthusiasts and collectors.

Is Charizard the Rarest Pokémon?

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No, Charizards are not the rarest Pokémon. Although Charizards are still uncommon, there are rarer Pokémon cards, including the Pikachu Illustrator.

The rarest of all Charizard cards is the 1999 First edition Mint Charizard Holo. Since its production, other Charizards with shadows have been produced alongside the original, making it the most sought-after Charizard.

How Can You Tell if A Charizard Is Rare?

To determine if your Charizard is rare, check out for a 1st edition printing. A first edition card means it was among the first of the type ever to be produced.

Also, check if your card belongs to the original Base Set of Pokémon cards. For instance, the 1999 Holographic Charizard is rare because it is an original among the Charizards and has a 1st edition printing. The value rises higher if you have managed to keep the card in great condition over the years.

Why is the Charizard So Expensive Compared to Other Pokémon Cards?

Why is Charizard So Rare? 
Pokémon Cards. Image source: Pinterest

The main reason why the Charizard is among the most expensive Pokémon cards is because it is very rare. The original 1999 shadowless card is exceptionally marked by the lack of shadow on the illustration box, making it rare and highly valued.

Besides, Charizards have garnered a high collectible value over time. Thus, they have become objects of interest to players, collectors, and Pokémon investors.

Also, the Charizard, with its fire dragon symbol, is extremely popular and loved in the Pok√©mon community. It is a huge pleasure to own one‚Äôs collection, and thus, interested parties will pay any amount to own one ūüíį.

In terms of the future, the value of the Charizard is expected to go even higher. This has caught the attention of investors, which has also contributed to the hike in the price of Charizard cards.

Lastly, many Charizard cards are popular in gaming, contributing further to their high value. Below is a table showing a summary of why the Charizard cards are so expensive:


The rarest Charizard is the 1999 Shadowless Charizard.

High Collectible Value

Pokémon Collectors, investors and players have their eyes on the Charizards.


Charizards are popular among the current generation of young adults.

Game Value

Vintage Charizard cards are highly valued in the Pokémon gaming scene.

Future Trajectory

The value of Charizards is expected to go even higher in the future.

How rare are the 1st Edition Charizard cards?

1st edition Charizard cards are very rare. Only sixteen of them exist and are highly coveted among the Pokémon community.

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