What is the best item for Charizard?(which items should Charizard hold?)

I have seen Pokemon evolve since the 1990s, and Charizard takes a different form each time with new, unique features. I have been a Pokemon player for many years, kept track of Charizard’s evolution, and noticed how it differs in violet, unite sword, and shield.

I always play Pokemon Go with my friends, and I have seen that Charizard has a specific form that facilitates its movement.

As a Charizard enthusiast, I will help you understand the best item for Charizard to hold in Pokemon Violet, Unite, sword & shield and the best build form it should attain .

Let us get started!

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What item should Charizard hold in Pokemon Violet?

What is the best item for Charizard?
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The item that Charizard should hold in Pokemon Violet is the choice scarf because of its amazing transformative features.

Once Charizard has the choice scarf, it is transformed into a killing machine, making it the best killer in Pokemon.

The choice scarf is an excellent hold in Pokemon Violet, especially if you need to clear and weaken all the enemies. Charizard will obtain additional gifts like fire blast and flame thrower, which are efficient in finishing off the weak rivals in Pokemon Violet.

Holding the choice scarf in Pokemon Violet provides an added advantage where Charizard can unlock Blaze, which gives it more speed during the game.

The item allows Charizard to make choices between the types of spinners that will lock the moves. Choice scarf allows Charizard to select an opponent to provide healing in case of a major injury during Pokemon Violet.

What item should Charizard hold in Pokemon Unite?

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Muscle band is an item that Charizard should hold in Pokemon Unite while battling against the rivals in the game. Charizard’s main source of attack is its fire breath, but it is also a source of damage.

Muscle band as an item facilitates increasing its attack techniques to the opponents in Pokemon Unite. The item ensures that Charizard’s damage is significantly mitigated from affecting its performance during the game.

The muscle band also increases the Charizard’s attack speed, making it superior to its opponents. The item provides a guaranteed win during the game for Charizard in Pokemon Unite.

Muscle band item influences the Charizard I Pokemon unite to have a better hit range and access to the opponents.

Another item Charizard should hold in Pokemon Unite is the scope lens, which can be combined with the muscle band. Combining the two items empowers Charizard in Pokemon Unite and pushes it toward being a menace for opponents and winning more battles.

Better skills like burning the opponents during the attack are the best option to ensure it gains the upper hand during the game .

The items push Charizard to make the first moves in Pokemon Unite because of the newfound skills that increase its credibility as a character.

What item should Charizard hold in a Pokemon sword and shield?

What is the best item for Charizard?
Charizard hold in a Pokemon sword and shield. Image source: Pokemon

The item that Charizard should hold in Pokemon sword and shield is the white herb. It is a unique item because it is consumable and purposely for rejuvenating Charizard in sword and shield.

The white herb is a lifesaver, especially when the Charizard has received a lot of blows that threaten its life and existence in sword and shield .

The item ensures that the Charizard increases its stats and prevents major blows that will significantly affect its game movement. The bottom line is to ensure that the item helps the Charizard dodge aggressive moves from the opponent in sword and shield to prevent destruction.

What is the best build for Charizard?

The best build for Charizard is the Dynamaxing move set, which gives the character the strength to take hits from opponents during a battle in Pokemon Go.

Dynamaxing allows Charizard to defend itself from the strongest opponents, throwing huge blows and remaining standing. It has a hidden ability exercised during the game to defeat opponents.

The dynamaxing moveset ability allows Charizard to adjust its speed to move fast past the blow and make the first attack during the game.




Solar power


Blast burn


Dragon power

Held Item

White herb

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