Can Charizard Use Iron Tail? (Is Iron Tail a Good Move for Charizard?)

There’s something about Iron Tail that gets me😃. I first saw it used against Charizard in Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

At the time, I thought it was a neat move. So, when I got the chance to play Pokemon: Sword and Shield, I eagerly equipped my Charizard with this move.

Granted, it doesn’t deal as much damage as Overheat, Blast Burn, or Fire Spin, but it’s sufficient to earn its place in your arsenal.

So, let’s examine whether Iron Tail is a good move for Charizard and how you can teach him in the games.

Can Charizard use Iron Tail in sword and shield?


Yes. Charizard can use Iron Tail in Sword and Shield. This steel-type move was first introduced in Generation II, where Charizards could learn via TM23. Charizards in Sword and Shield could learn this move via TR31.

Iron Tail damages the opponent with a 30% chance of lowering its defense stats by one stage. Here’s a table outlining Iron Tail’s stats in Sword and Shield 👇:


Steel type










Charizard’s tail becomes steel hard, and he uses it to slam against opponents.

Max move

Max Steelspike with a 130-power



This move works well against Pokemon like Blissey since it chips at their health, making it easy to defeat.

At what level does Charizard learn Iron Tail?

Can Charizard Use Iron Tail?
Charizard Iron Tail. Image source: Pinterest

Charizard’s learning level depends on the game’s version. In Scarlet and Violet, for instance, Charizard learns Iron Tail as an egg move.

You can teach a Charizard this move by breeding it into the next generation. On the other hand, you can use TR31, which you can buy from Watt traders, to teach your Charizard this move in Sword and Shield.

How to teach Charizard Iron Tail

The methods used to teach Charizard Iron Tail vary with the game version. They include:

Sword and Shield

Is Iron Tail a Good Move for Charizard?
Sword and Shield. Image source: Pokemon

As mentioned, you’ll need Techincal Record 31 (TR31) to teach Charizard this move. There are several ways to get TR31 in the game. They include:

💰The Brawler’s Cave in the Isle of Armor.

💰Buying it from the Watt traders for 5,000 Watts.

💰Winning it as a reward from Steel Type Max Raids. You’ll get it after defeating or capturing the Pokemon in this stage.

💰Gram-o-matic. Although the chances of getting it here are low.

Black 2 White 2

Can Charizard Use Iron Tail?
Black 2 White 2. Image source: Pokemon

The Black 2 White 2 version allows you to hire a tutor to train your Charizard. You’ll find the move tutor in Lentimas town and part with 6 Blue Shards.

Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

Is Iron Tail a Good Move for Charizard?
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire. Image source: Pokemon

Like Black 2 White 2, you’ll need to hire a tutor. You’ll find him west of the Battle Resort. This tutor charges 8 Battle Points (BP), which you get by beating trainers.

Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Is Iron Tail a Good Move for Charizard?
Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Image source: Pokemon

You’ll also need a tutor’s help in this version. The tutor in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon lives in Heahea Beach on Akala Island. Like others, he charges a small fee of 8 BP to train your Charizard.

Scarlet and Violet

Can Charizard Use Iron Tail?
Scarlet and Violet. Image source: Pokemon

As mentioned, Iron Tail is an egg move in this version. Breed a female Charizard with a compatible male. Ensure one parent (preferably the female) knows this move.

Alternatively, you can breed a Charizard carrying the egg move with Ditto to pass this move to the next generation.

Can Charizard use Iron Tail in the Anime?

Yes. Jessie’s Charizard from Battle Park used this move in “One Trick Phony!” The Charizard’s tail glowed white, and he slammed it into the opponent.

Other Pokemon that used this move in the anime series include Ash’s Pikachu, Lucy’s Milotic, Pietra’s Marill, and Clair’s Dragonair.

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