Can Charizard use Dig? (is Dig a good move for Charizard?)

Yesterday, I was working on leveling my Charizard to level 100 with the E4 when my opponent’s Krookodile used Earthquake, and it was super effective in attacking me.

I have always known Charizard has immunity to ground-type moves because of its flying ability. Someone would wonder why my Charizard used Dig and was hit.

Was it because it was underground and it lost its Flying type? Since I have been a Charizard enthusiast for years, I will help you discover why.

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Is Dig a good move for Charizard?

Can Charizard use Dig? 
Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

👎 Dig is not a good move for a Charizard because it doesn’t get STAB. Charizard does better in special attacks like Fire Blast and Flamethrower than in physical attacks like Dig.

Fire Blast gets STAB because it’s stronger than Flamethrower. Dig deals with super effective damage against other Fire types very well. Its weaknesses are Rock, Poison, and Electric.

Although you won’t attack immediately, you are vulnerable to Earthquakes and Magnitude.

👍 On the other hand, Dig can be a good move for Charizard if you’re using it to play through a game where the battles aren’t too serious.

It’s a good move against Rock Pokémon, which Charmeleon doesn’t do too well against. It should be used early in the game, but replace it with the more powerful Earthquake once Charmeleon evolves into Charizard.

In addition, Dig is useful in Double Battles, where taking care of a threatening Pokémon is even more important.

Is Charizard immune to Dig?

🔥Charizard is immune to a dig since all Ground attacks, including Fissure, are ineffective against Flying Pokémon.

Sand Attack is the only ground-type move that will hit Charizard without prior status changes. Dig gives warnings of your attack, which is a big drawback.

Hence, if your opponent has a Charizard, he can switch to it, and it will not receive any damage from the Dig.

😒However, Mega Charizard X can be hit by Earthquake because it is a Fire or Dragon-type and has lost its flying type and immunity to ground attacks when it Mega evolves.

Can Charizard get hit by Earthquake if it uses Dig?

Can Charizard use Dig?
Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Charizard won’t get hit by Earthquake when it uses Dig unless the move ‘smack down’ has been used on your Charizard and a previous turn or your opponent hit you with Earthquake after you used Roost right.

Dig and Earthquake have the same power, PP, and accuracy. The major difference is that Dig works as Fly. On the first turn, Dig causes the Charizard to burrow underground and is protected from most attacks.

Then, on the following turn, it will swiftly pop up out of the ground and cause damage. Charizard can use Dig to immediately escape from caves and some buildings directly to the most recently visited Pokémon Center.

Dig and Earthquake are highly effective against Ghost Pokémon because they are half Poison and have much lower Defense scores than Special scores.

Ground Attacks














Become invulnerable on the first turn, then attacks. Escapes from caves.








How does a Charizard learn Dig?

Charizard can learn to Dig through Technical Machines. Dig makes the user semi-invulnerable on the first turn, and it attacks on the second turn. However, repeated usage makes the game predictable.

Additionally, Pokémon that are in the semi-invulnerable phase of the move are vulnerable to double damage by Earthquake.

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