How Much is Radiant Charizard worth? (how much do Radiant Charizard cost)

In the exciting world of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the Radiant Charizard card is a rare and highly sought-after gem. As an experienced collector and player, I’ve witnessed its rise in popularity and value.

So, what makes this card so special, and more importantly, how much is it worth in today’s market. In this article, we’ll look into the actual value of Radiant Charizard, exploring its unique features, its impact on the game, and the various factors contributing to its price.

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How rare is radiant Charizard?


Radiant Charizard is considered a Radiant Rare card🌟. This means it’s one of the unique cards in the Pokémon trading card game that has a unique shiny version.

For this reason, your deck can only have one Radiant Pokémon. This rule adds to the exclusivity and rarity of Radiant Charizard.

Is A Radiant Charizard Shiny?


Yes, Radiant Charizard is indeed a shiny Pokémon✨. The card features a unique, shiny version of Charizard, making it a prized possession for many collectors and players.

How many radiant Charizards are there?

The exact number of Radiant Charizard cards in existence is not publicly available. However, some sources suggest that there are only 10 Radiant Charizard cards. This information, however, might not be accurate or up-to-date.

What are the chances of getting a radiant Charizard?


The odds of pulling a Radiant Charizard from a pack are relatively low. According to a report, the odds of pulling a Radiant Rare card, such as Radiant Charizard, is about 1 in 22🎲. Suggesting that you might only find a Radiant Charizard if you open 22 packs🎴. However, this is just an average, and actual results can vary significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Radiant Charizard cost?

To know the worth of a Radiant Charizard will require you to asses its condition. Here is why: An Ungraded card can go for around $9.07, while a PSA 10 graded card can fetch up to $49.517.

Here is a Radiant Charizard Price Table🤑

Ungraded3.953 sales per day
Grade 712.001 sale per month
Grade 815.501 sale per week
Grade 919.631 sale per day
Grade 9.529.531 sale per month
PSA 1036.062 sales per day

Please note that these prices may change and vary depending on how good the card is, the seller, and the platform where the card is sold.

What is the rarest Radiant Charizard Card?

💫The crown zenith radiant Charizard is considered one of the rarest Charizard cards. Collectors named it “Ultra rare.”

What makes Radiant Charizard so good?

Radiant Charizard is considered suitable for several reasons🔥

Stats: Radiant Charizard has 160 HP, making it a hardy Pokemon in the heat of Battle.

Ability: This card diminishes the Energy expenses of Radiant Charizard’s assaults for each Prize card your rival takes because it features Excited Heart💥.

Artwork: The Crown Zenith has a shiny flying Charizard with speed and is a duplicate of a card from the Pokemon Go Collection.

Popularity and Value: Charizard is the most known Pokemon worldwide, and cards associated with it are precious. When the Pokemon Go-themed set debuted, the Radiant Charizard card was among its set and is still valuable to date.

Performance in Standard: Radiant Charizard performs so great in terms of standard, making it one of the best.

These factors contribute to the high regard for Radiant Charizard in the Pokemon Trading Card Game community.

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