Is Charizard shiny locked in Scarlet and Violet? (Is Charizard obtainable in Scarlet and Violet?)

Most gamers would love to own a shiny variant like Charizard. As you can imagine, I’m a big fan of the shiny Charizard. That’s why I gifted myself the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet game for my birthday.

Sadly, it’s seemingly impossible for me to get a shiny, even after completing the Tera Raid and getting my Charizard😅.

I scoured the internet looking for tips from expert gamers who have already accomplished this feat. Keep reading to know if Shiny Charizard is obtainable in Scarlet and Violet.

Will Charizard be shiny-locked?

Is Charizard obtainable in Scarlet and Violet?
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Yes, Charizard “the unrivalled” is shiny-locked for several reasons. Today, game developers find it necessary to shiny lock certain Pokémon to make the experience more exciting 💥.

Being the new kid on the block, Scarlet and Violet prefer to have shiny variants as grand events for gamers to look forward to later.

Many Pokémon fans seem to think that shiny locking is unnecessary. However, developers thought players would spend too much time trying to catch a shiny instead of focusing on the raids.

You must unlock 6-star raids to access the 7-star Charizard raid. This is a daunting task, even for seasoned gamers like myself.

Is Charizard Shiny in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Yes, although there’s a very slim chance of actually catching one. Since it is nearly impossible to catch a shiny during the raids, your only chance is to breed your Charizard to produce a shiny variant. That means that you must bring you’re A-game ✔️during the Charizard Tera raid event.

Remember that you must defeat a Charizard to have a shot at capturing it. Luckily, the event occurs twice in Scarlet and Violet. That means the game lets you face the same Charizard twice.

If you can’t beat it the first time, you’ll have a better shot the second time. Your plan to get yourself a shiny Charizard is dependent on it.

Is Charizard shiny locked in Scarlet and Violet?

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Can you breed shiny Charizard in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Yes. There are several ways to breed a shiny Charizard in Scarlet and Violet. Once you catch your Charizard during the event, breeding one is fairly simple.

Most people start with a regular Ditto, which has limited 😕 chances of producing a shiny variant. Stats show the chances of getting a shiny by breeding a Ditto is 1/4096.

Please note that breeding a regular Ditto does not guarantee you success. While everyone’s experience is different, it takes time and effort to successfully breed a shiny Charizard.

The Masuda Method produces desirable results. You have to use Pokémon with different primary languages to execute the Masuda Method.

For example, obtain a Pokémon for a player whose primary language is English with one whose primary language is Spanish.

That increases your chances of getting a shiny variant to 6/4096. You can increase your chances by adding the Shiny Charm.

To do this, you must obtain the Shiny Charm by completing the Pokedex. In this case, the odds of getting a shiny Charizard increase to 8/4096. One experienced gamer said it took her more than 600 eggs to get a shiny Charizard through this method.

The success rate of the Masuda Method

Masuda method

Probability of hatching a shiny Charizard

With Shiny Charm


Without Shiny Charm


How hard is it to get a shiny Charizard in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Is Charizard shiny locked in Scarlet and Violet?
Shiny Charizard in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Image source: Pinterest

It is nearly impossible to locate a shiny Charizard during the -7-star shiny Charizard raid. Unfortunately, every player faces the same Charizard during the raids in the Paldea Region.

It is highly unlikely for the game to spawn shiny variants for any gamer. Long-term Pokémon fans suggest that players who have hunted through Tera Raids in the past have a better chance of getting a shiny Charizard.

If you don’t get lucky, you’ll have to employ the methods discussed above to get a shiny Charizard.

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