Is Charizard in Pokemon Violet? (How Do You Get a Charizard in Pokemon Violet)

For those of us who love Charizard, you would agree with me that the idea of Pokemon Violet lacking our favorite Pokemon was not funny.

Luckily, the game developers must have been listening to my wish. They found a way to introduce Charizard to Pokemon Violet, yey…😀 we are all happy now. Although it’s not easy to get Charizard in Pokemon Violet, atleast there is now a way.

So, how do you get a Charizard in Pokemon Violet? Let’s find out!

How Do You Get a Charizard in Pokemon Violet

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Is Charizard strong in Pokemon Violet?

Is Charizard in Pokemon Violet?  
Charizard in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

No Charizard lover will not get an adrenaline rush from the idea of defeating and capturing a super-strong Charizard. But in Pokemon Violet, you must be the best to capture a Charizard.

That is because the Dragon Charizard is very strong here. Before you can attempt to capture the Charizard Pokemon Violet, ensure you have a very strong 💪 Pokemon of your own to match the strength of the Dragon Charizard .

But the battle will be worth it. If you are successful, you will have added a strong battle companion to your attack.

Where to find Charizard in Pokemon Violet

Is Charizard in Pokemon Violet?  
Charizard Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pokemon

The Dragon Tera Charizard in Pokemon Violet is found in the Paldea region. You must reach the level of Seven-Star Tera Raid Dens to be able to battle this Charizard and possibly capture it.

Although you will encounter many strong Pokemons in this region, one of the most powerful will be the Dragon Charizard, and you better come prepared.

What is the Charizard code in Pokemon Violet?

Are you still looking for the Charizard code in Pokemon Violet? 🤔 Well, look no further. The code is DARKTERA0006.

With this code and following the right steps, you will be able to redeem a Charizard in Pokemon Violet.

Is Charizard in Pokemon Violet? 

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How do you get Charizard in Pokemon Violet?

The following are the steps to follow to get a Charizard in Pokemon Violet:

  • Launch the Pokemon Violet game.
  • On the X Menu, go to Poke Portal.
  • Go to Mystery Gift.
  • Select Get with Code. This will automatically connect you to the internet.
  • Enter the special code DARKTERA0006.
  • The gift will arrive in the game. Confirm there is a Dark Charizard in your party or the Pokemon Boxes.
  • Finally, do not forget to save the game for the new settings to come into effect 🤝.

How many times can you catch Charizard in Pokemon Violet?

How Do You Get a Charizard in Pokemon Violet
Charizard in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

I know it would be a dream to capture as many Powerful Charizards as possible. Right? Unfortunately, you can only capture a Dark Tera Charizard once in Pokemon Violet per game.

Luckily, you will have the chance to battle the Charizard many times which increases your chances of success.

In your game, you can only raid once a day, but you still can join hands with other players on their raids through the Poke Portal.

Charizard’s statistics in Pokemon Violet

Hit-Point (HP)78
Special Attack109
Special Defense85


Can you breed a Charizard in Pokemon Violet?

Yes, you can. If you capture a male Charizard, you can then try capturing a Ditto. Mating between Dittos and male Charizards will give you a Charizard. In Pokemon Violet, you can find Dittos in the West Province and also in Medali.

How can you unlock a Charizard raid in Pokemon Violet?

To get to the 7-star raids where you can get a Charizard, you must first defeat your opponents in the 6-star raids and complete the main story.


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