What is a Clone Charizard in Pokemon Go? (How to Get a Cloned Charizard in Pokemon Go)

2020 brought COVID 😷 and Clone Pokemon. I preferred the latter. Capturing Clone Pokemon provided much-needed reprieve and gave me something to think about during the short grocery runs. My favorite of the bunch was Clone Charizards.

I liked their dark orange stripes and the challenge of capturing one. With the December 2023 special events lined up, I thought it would be great to stroll down memory lane and look at Clone Charizards.

Let’s get into it.

How do you know if a Charizard is cloned?

What is a Clone Charizard in Pokemon Go? 
Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

The Clone Charizard debuted in the 2020 Netflix film “Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back.” It’s distinguishable from the original by its dark orange stripes.

Additionally, you can tell it apart by how it’s captured. Unlike the original, Clone Charizards are found after completing four-star raids.

You’ll need help reeling one into your team, giving you the perfect opportunity to team up with other trainers in your area.

Finally, Clone Charizards don’t Mega evolve, which is a bummer if you ask me😞. On the plus side, they come with Blast Burn, which deals significant damage to your opponents.

Unlike the original, you don’t need to train your Clone Charizard to have this move, making it formidable in battle.

How to get a cloned Charizard in Pokemon Go

What is a Clone Charizard in Pokemon Go?
Charizard in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pokemon

As mentioned, you can only get a Clone Charizard after completing a four-star raid during the Mewtwo event. Clone Charizards are just as powerful as their original counterparts.

As such, you’ll need help capturing one. You can grab a friend or join an ongoing capture to boost your chances of catching the Clone Charizard.

Clone Charizards share the same weaknesses as their original counterparts. Thus, when capturing them, use electric, water, and rock-type moves.

Here are some good Pokemon to use during your raid: Alolan Exeggutor, Electivire, and Raikou 😉.

As for getting them today, you can only do so by trading with other trainers. Find Pokemon communities in your area and plan to meet.

You’ll need to be within 100 meters of each other. When you meet, go to your trading screen and complete the trade.

Are Clone Charizards stronger?

Clone Charizards aren’t stronger than original Charizards. In fact, they share the same base stats and only differ cosmetically.

However, some believe the original Charizard is more powerful since it can evolve into its Mega and Gigantamax forms with improved stats.

Here’s a table comparing the Clone Charizard’s stats to the originals.


Clone Charizard

Original Charizard

Mega Charizard x

Mega Charizard Y
















Special attack





Special defense










Can Clone Charizard Mega Evolve?


No. Clone Charizard cannot Mega Evolve. Charizards have three forms: Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, and Gigantamax.

You can Mega evolve your Charizard in Pokemon Go by collecting 200 Mega Energy by participating in raids, research tasks, and other daily tasks.

Unfortunately, you cannot evolve your Clone Charizard. Some attribute this to the Pokemon lore. They argue that a Clone Charizard’s body cannot handle the infinite energy needed for Mega evolution.

Others believe it’s a bottleneck created by the game makers.

Can you clone a Shiny Charizard in Pokemon Go?

How to Get a Cloned Charizard in Pokemon Go
Shiny Charizard in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

No. You cannot clone a Shiny Charizard in Pokemon Go. The easiest way to get a Shiny Charizard is to catch and evolve a shiny Charmander using 125 Charmander candy 🍬.

However, a 2022 glitch allowed trainers to duplicate their Pokemon. This came with the Zorua release. The glitch worked when trainers captured Zorua using their autocatchers.

Instead of having Zorua, trainers ended up with a duplicate of their Pokemon buddy. Therefore, if Shiny Charizard were your buddy when you captured Zorua, you’d end up with a clone. Niantic fixed this glitch shortly after (single tear).

What moves can a clone Charizard learn?

What is a Clone Charizard in Pokemon Go? 
Charizard moves. Image source: Pinterest

A Clone Charizard can learn the same moves as the regular Charizard. As mentioned, Clone Charizards have Blast Burn at capture, which deals 110 damage on opponents. You can teach your Clone Charizard quick or Charge moves using Technical Machines.

Quick moves include air slash, dragon breath, ember, fire spins, and wing attack. On the other hand, dragon claw, fire blast, flamethrower, and overheat comprise the Charge moves.

A technical machine is an item that helps you teach permanent skills to your Pokemon. They are rare, and you can get them by completing Special research tasks and beating raid bosses.

These challenges have multiple rewards, which may include Technical Machines.

To use a Technical Machine:

  1. Go to “Menu.”
  2. Select “Items.”
  3. Choose your Technical Machine.
  4. Choose the Pokemon you want to train.
  5. Click “Yes.”

There you go. As promised, that’s everything you need to know about Clone Charizards.

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