How to get wing attack Charizard (is wing attack a good move for Charizard?)

As a Charizard enthusiastūüėĀ and lover, I always use the wing attack with every chance. The reason is that Wing attack offers more energy, and it is one of the best fast moves. I don’t know about you, but I always want a quick energy boost whenever I am playing.

Wing attack Charizard can also create serious damage(which is what you want for the offensiveūü§£) when used properly.

For these reasons and many more, I decided to help other enthusiasts like me to get the wing attack Charizard and explain why it is a good move for Charizard.

Is wing attack a good move for Charizard?

How to get wing attack Charizard 
Charizard. Image source: Nintendo

Yes, a wing attack is a good moveūüĎĆ for Charizard, especially when going for a fast attack when making an offensive move. A wing attack is a good move because it is considered a flying-type quick move. It is one of the best fast moves, generating the most superior energy.

It also means that a wing attack for Charizard can create extensive damage for the offensive, making it a good move to have or play.

The fact that it has the same type of attack bonus makes the move even more appealing, as you can get a boost in power when you make the wing attack move. Additionally, if you are trying to go for Legend, it is most definitely worth itūüėĆ.

Is Wing Attack a community day move on Charizard?

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Unfortunately, no. Wing attack is not a community day move on Charizard; it is, however, a legacy move. It means that you are unable to use Wing Attack as a community day move because it is unavailable. Instead, if you want to use a community day move on Charizard, you can use the two: the dragon breath fast attack and Blast Burn charged attack.

Should I teach Charizard Wing Attack?

Yes, you can teach Charizard Wing Attack, for instance, when you are going for Legend or when you want to do it to protect your team. You should teach Charizard wing attack for various reasons.

You can never go wrong if Charizard learns the wing attack because it comes with so many benefits. Firstly, it is a fast attack option, especially when you want to use it in the great league. It also generates energy much better and faster.

When you teach your Charizard the wing attack, it will acquire the same type of attack bonus, which will enhance or add more power.

You can also teach Charizard Wing attack as it is super effective in the offensive against bugs, fighting, and grass. It is especially important if the team you have does not have any protection against such types. You can then teach your Charizard the wing attack to protect others, as it is invulnerable to those types.

How to teach Charizard wing attack move

 is wing attack a good move for Charizard?
Charizard wing attack move. Image source: Pokemon

To teach Charizard Wing attack, it first needs to evolve. When the Charizard evolves, it can learn wing attack. To teach Charizard the wing attack move, you need to be at level thirty-six.

Once you have reached level thirty-six, the Charizard can now be able to grow and learn about the wing attack move, which you can use fully to your advantage.

What makes wing attack the best move for Charizard?

Most fans believe Wing Attack is the best move for Charizard because it has the same type of attack bonus, it can achieve powerful damage and it has the highest energy per second.

The reasons in the table below will show specifications that make the wing attack the best move and explain how each specification works.

The table will show what makes wing attack the best move for Charizard.

Wing attack specificationsReasons for each specification
Wing attack has same type attack bonusCharizard gets a boost in their power when they use wing attack because it is a flying type of Pokémon.
It can achieve massively and powerful damage.When wing attack is combined with a blast burn-charged move, the Charizard can inflict serious damage for the offensiveūüí•
It has the quickest and highest energy boost per second.You can build up energy much quicker when using charged moves if you have the wing attack.

Frequently Asked Questionsūü§Ē

How much destruction does a Charizard Wing attack cause?

The damage caused by a wing attack can be very damaging when used correctly. The destruction caused by a Charizard wing attack can be around 60 as it has 60 damage points. Sometimes, the move can go up to 90.

The wing attack is least effective against what?

The wing attack can be least effective against steel, rock, or even electric. When used against such materials, the wing attack will not be as useful. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of the wing attack only where it can cause maximum damage.

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