How much is Charizard Vmax Worth? (How much does Charizard Vmax Cost)

Every time a new Pokémon card is released, I’m always curious to see how it will change the game. The Charizard Vmax is no different. When it was launched in the Pokémon Sword and Shield era in 2020, I wasn’t so excited to start playing with it myself, considering the power moves it comes with aren’t all that (I mean, let’s face it…we’ve seen better card days😑).

However, as a card collector, I was excited to add one or two to my collection. Now let’s dive deeper into the Charizard Vmax cards, shall we?

How rare is Charizard Vmax?

How much is Charizard Vmax Worth?
Charizard Vmax. Image source: Pinterest

Only 4 Charizard Vmax cards were released during the Pokémon Sword and Shield era that started in 2020 to 2023. Later, the creators moved on to the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet era, hence no more Charizard Vmax were created.

This makes the Charizard Vmax, which evolves from Charizard V, one of the rarer Pokémon cards.

The rarest of the set is the Charizard Vmax from the Pokémon Champion’s Path. Other Pokémon sets with the Charizard Vmax include Darkness Ablaze and Shining Fates. It also comes as a promo card in the Charizard Ultra-Premium collection box.

Let’s look at the four Charizard Vmax cards and their current market price.


Price Ranges

Charizard Vmax 020/189

20 – 75 USD

Charizard Vmax 074/073

120 – 200 USD

Charizard Vmax sv107/sv122

73 – 163 USD

Charizard Vmax swsh261

12 – 81 USD

How much is Charizard Vmax worth gold?

How much does Charizard Vmax Cost
Charizard Vmax. Image source: Pokemon

The Charizard Vmax gold edition sells for 50 USD to 200 USD depending on where you buy it, its rarity, and its condition. Of course, other factors come into play while buying a card, including the grading score it gets. Near-mint condition cards will always fetch a heftier price.

The gold cards come in gold foil or ribbons on the edge, metal cards, and the 24k gold cards. The creators release these cards during promotional events or celebratory occasions. Therefore, they are extremely rare and high in demand, hence the hefty prices.

However, the gold cards are sometimes not as expensive as some other rare cardboard cards.

How much is a Rainbow Charizard Vmax worth?

😬💸The Rainbow Charizard Vmax sells for around 100 – 200 USD, depending on the condition and rarity of the card. A card with a PSA-10 score (near mint condition!) would fetch around 240 USD in the marketplace.

The Charizard Vmax 074/073 goes for around 190 USD in near-mint condition. It is the most secret rare card in the set, making it the most popular Charizard from the Champions Path expansion. It’s also one of the most beloved Pokémon trading card game sets from Sword and Shield.

Is Charizard Vmax worth the money?

Via Tenor

As part of a collection, the Charizard Vmax is worth the price, considering it’s a rare and heavily demanded card. If you get your hands on a Charizard Vmax 074/073 or any of the Gold edition sets, you might be well on your way to hitting the jackpot in card collection.

However, as a gaming card, the Charizard Vmax isn’t all that. It comes in two moves: claw slash and the G-MAX Wildfire. Claw slash costs three energy, which would work with triple acceleration energy. This move only deals 100 damage.

The G-MAX Wildfire costs almost the same as the Crimson Storm, which also deals 300 damage, leading to the discard of 2 energy. For its pricing and standard, I would have expected nothing less than 400 damage (I’m sure most of us did😤).

Furthermore, the Charizard Vmax card cannot OHKO many enemies, except small Pokémon Vmax. Other Charizard such as Charizard EX (both X and Y) and Charizard GX, can OHKO almost anything within their reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best Charizard Vmax?

The Charizard Vmax: Darkness Ablaze is still arguably the best Charizard Vmax out there.

What pack is Rainbow Charizard Vmax in?

Rainbow Charizard Vmax is the most popular in the Champion’s Path Expansion.

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