Who invented Charizard? (who designed Charizard?)

Ever since my younger days, I have been obsessed with Charizard. I wanted to know every single detail about Charizard, beginning from its origins.

My obsession😬led me to conduct a lot of research to learn everything I could, like who invented Charizard and when the first ever Charizard card came out, to name a few.

So, if you are like me and want to learn all you can about Charizard in one place, then this article is for you😌.

Who designed Charizard?

Who invented Charizard?
Ken Sugimori. Image source: Pinterest

Ken Sugimori designed Charizard. Ken Sugimori is a Japanese designer and illustrator known for creating many Pokémon characters, including Charizard.

Although he was the designer and is the known name behind the illustration, he worked alongside and collaborated with other graphic designers like Atsuko Nishida, who also designed Pokémon characters.

He developed Charizard as the final form of evolution for the Pokémon Charmander. He invented Charizard to be a fiery and very fierce Pokémon 😡 colored orange with a cream-whitish color running from the chest area until below.

When was Charizard invented?

Charizard was invented or came out in 1996 in Japan. It came out in 1996 because it is in the Pokémon green and red video games where Charizard was invented.

The Pokémon video game, Red and Green, was developed and released exclusively for those living only in Japan🤧.

Who trained Charizard?

Who invented Charizard? 
Ash Ketchum. Image source: Pinterest

Ash Ketchum was the one who trained Charizard in the Pokémon series. It is because Ash met Charizard when it was still a small Charmander (before it evolved) who was abandoned and close to death.

Ash took it, saved it, and trained Charmander as his Pokémon. During their adventures and fights, Charizard evolved from a Charmander to a Charmeleon and, finally, a Charizard.

However, Charizard became difficult after growing up and did not follow Ash’s orders😥. However, Charizard deemed Ash worthy after being saved by him once more. Ash was able to train him again, and they worked together to fight off enemies.

What was the first Charizard card ever?

The first Charizard card ever came from the Pokémon card game set. The set, which contained the first ever Charizard, came out in Japan in the year 1996. The card was illustrated and designed by Ken Sugimori, a very amazing and talented illustrator


Via Tenor

The English version, however, came out in 1999, especially when it gained international popularity.

The table below summarises some Charizard cards and the period in which they were released.

Charizard Card

Release period

Charizard No. 006 – Japanese Base Set Charizard

20th October 1996

Charizard 4/102 – English Base Set Charizard

9th January 1999

Charizard 4/130 – English Base Set Charizard

24th February 2000

Charizard 103/100 – Stormfront

5th November 2008

Charizard 39/165 – Expedition Base Set

15th September 2002

Shining Charizard 107/105 – Neo Destiny

28th February 2002

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