What is Charizard’s hidden ability? (How to unleash Charizard’s hidden ability)

My brother and I have always been huge Pokémon fanatics. Even in our adulthood, we still get acquainted with all the releases😁. Interestingly, we both love Charizard, but my brother is a tad little more.

We love its unique features, especially its Wing attack. For a long time, I was unaware of Charizard’s hidden ability, but one time, we were playing with my brother, and he unleashed this feature.

In all honesty, I was intrigued and sort to find out all about it. If you are curious, read on to find out about Charizard’s hidden ability.

How many hidden abilities do Charizards have?

🔥Charizards have one hidden ability, which is Solar power. It works under extreme sunlight; solar power intensifies Charizard’s special attack 1.5 times.

With this advantage, Charizard will make impressive attacks on opponents. However, Charizard’s Solar Power ability comes with a drawback whereby it loses some hit points.

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How do you unleash Charizard’s hidden abilities?

There are two criteria that you can use to unleash Charizards. The first method is getting an Ability Patch. You can get this through finishing 6-star and 7-star Tera raids.

The second alternative is taking part in a Tera Raid. In the end, fighting in Tera Crystals becomes mandatory to get the hidden ability.

It is important to keep in mind that you can get ability patches from Tera raids, which are more difficult, such as the Unrivaled Charizard Tera Raid Battle Event.

Once you capture the Ability Patch, you will be set to unlock Charizard’s Hidden Ability. Once you have acquired an Ability Patch, you will use it to unlock your Pokémon’s Hidden Ability.

Are there side effects of Charizards using their hidden abilities?

How to unleash Charizard’s hidden ability
Charizards. Image source: Nintendo

Yes, there is a side effect of Charizards using their hidden ability of Solar power. The highlight of using solar power is that it increases the power of special attacks. Sadly, the Charizard loses an eighth of its maximum hit points with each turn.

When the Charizard’s hit points reduce, it places them at risk of reaching the ‘low health’ threshold and possibly fainting if the hit points get zero.

In this case, it should take a good number of turns as a result of solar power to deplete the hit points and place the Charizard in danger.

Is Solar power a good ability for Charizard?

🤔When you consider the side effects that come with solar power, you realize it is not Charizard’s best ability. The reason is that Solar Power reduces the Charizard’s hit points. Lowering its Hit points does not do any good to the Charizard.

Since Charizard is a flying and fire Pokémon, its best abilities showcase these skills of flight and fire. There are other better abilities for Charizard, such as wing attack, which is a good fast move. Meanwhile, Dragon Claw and Fire Burns give good charge to the Charizard.

Do all Charizards have the same hidden abilities?

How to unleash Charizard’s hidden ability
Charizards hidden abilities. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. All Charizards share the same hidden ability, which is Solar Power. This Pokémon does not have other types of hidden abilities except for Solar Power.

However, Charizards share the same regular skills, which are Flamethrower, Flying, Dragon Breath, Wing Attack, Dragon Rage, Dragon Tail, Mega Punch, and Seismic Toss.

A summary of Charizard’s hidden ability

NameSolar Power
EffectWhen exposed to high levels of sunlight, Charizard’s special attack increases by 1.5 times.
Side EffectAt the end of each turn, it loses 1/8 of its maximum hit points.


How many hidden abilities can Charizard have at a time?

A Charizard can have only one hidden ability at a time. It applies to all Pokémon.

Do all Pokémon have a hidden ability?

Not all Pokémon species have a hidden ability.

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