How Tall is Charizard? (How Big is Charizard)

Charizard has always seemed like a pretty cool Pok√©mon to me ūüėé. Its height and how big it is are some of the things that interest me about Charizard.

This Pokémon is quite powerful, and my curiosity led me to question its actual size in the games. I dug deeper and found some quite interesting facts about its height.

Now, let’s put my Charizard knowledge to good use to find out how big Charizard is.

How Tall is Charizard?

How Tall is Charizard?  
Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

In the Pokémon games, Charizard stands at an average height of 170 cm.

In various Anime shows, however, Charizard has different dimensions when it comes to its height. Some show Charizard to be 7 feet tall, 10 feet tall, and even 18 to 20 feet tall ūüėģ.

This is because the Pokémon shows choose to make some minor changes to the species for entertainment purposes.

Some of these changes include making them taller, like Charizard. This makes the Pokémon species seem more cooler and looks more like a threatening opponent.

The evolutions of Charizard, Mega Charizard X, and Mega Charizard Y also share the same height of 170 cm.

How Tall is Charizard in Feet?

This Pokémon stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches (5’07’’) in all the Pokémon games where Charizard is featured. This means Charizard is the same height as the average human.

This is Charizard’s recorded height according to the PokéDex. It is essential to know the size of your Pokémon species that you intend to use in your game. This will help you figure out how to use all the Pokemon’s attributes to your advantage.

How Big is Charizard


How Tall is Charizard in Meters?

Charizard’s height in meters is measured to be 1.7m. The knowledge of the height of your Pokémon can help you in determining the damage certain moves can cause to your opponent.

Knowing the height of your Pok√©mon also helps you get immersed in the game. Sometimes, it’s great to get a visual in your head of how tall your Pok√©mon is. It can be a great added entertainment value. ūüėÉ

How Heavy is Charizard?

The weight of Charizard is an average of 199.5 lbs. (90.5 kg). It is important to note that sometimes, the weight of a Pok√©mon impacts its ability to execute certain moves. It’s pretty essential to make a mental note of your Pok√©mon‚Äôs weight if there are some move sets you think could be achievable because of its weight. ūüí™

Charizard’s weight shows the Pokémon also has balance when it comes to its physical attributes. The weight of this Pokémon does not seem to differ between the games and the anime as its height does.

How Tall is Charizard?  


Are All Charizards the same height and weight in Pokémon?

Charizard and its other evolutions, Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y, share the same height in the Pokémon games. These Pokémon, however, differ when it comes to their weight. Here is a visual representation of the similarities and differences Charizard possesses in its height and weight:

Charizard1.7 m199.5 lbs. / 90.5 kg
Mega Charizard X1.7m243.6 lbs. / 110.5 kg
Mega Charizard Y1.7m221.6 lbs. / 100.5 kg

This table shows the areas where the Charizards share a resemblance and which areas differ from each other.


Why do Charizard evolutions have the same height but different weights?

The Mega Charizard X has a high attack stat. This means the Pokémon is physically strong which in turn translates to the Mega Charizard X being more muscular. This is why the Pokémon is heavier compared to its other counterparts.

Mega Charizard Y, on the other hand, has better flight capabilities. The extra weight it has comes from forming better wing mass. This added weight for Mega Charizard Y was to develop strong flight muscles that came with a few extra pounds.

Why is Charizard short?

This is because Pokémon opted to use a more realistic height scale for its different species. Realistically, some animals, like the giraffe, are quite tall, while an animal like a deer is much shorter in comparison.

The Pokémon species all have balance when it comes to their heights. Some are short, others are average-sized (like Charizard), while others are much taller.

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