What Is Charizard Weak Against? (What Is Charizard Weakness)

It can be frustrating, at times, facing a Charizard, especially a strong Charizard. I would know because I’ve battled ⚔️ extremely strong Charizards.

If you have played Pokémon Red and Blue, the Flame Pokémon is terrifying. Many people are always wondering: what is the best counter-offense or defense when facing a Charizard? 🤔

When facing a strong Charizard like Alain’s Charizard, what should be my best war strategy? Better still, what are the weaknesses of a Charizard?

Well then, let’s kill a Charizard together!


How can you effectively beat Charizard?

Do you want to beat a Charizard pants down? You will have to explore its weaknesses first. How effective your offense or defense strategies are will determine whether you can beat a Charizard.

Let’s explore the known weaknesses of a Charizard, hence how to beat one effectively:


What Is Charizard Weak Against?  
Charizard vs Rock. Image source: Pinterest

Rock-type moves, and Pokémons are one of the major weaknesses of a Charizard. That said, I think one of your offense strategies should have a rock Pokémon doing the heavy lifting, quite literally. To counter the fire, a Golem Pokémon with a Rock Throw and Stone Edge move set would get the job done. 👏


 What Is Charizard Weakness
Charizard vs Water. Image source: Pokemon

For ages, water has been known to be a natural countermeasure against fire. With the strongest moves of a Charizard being fire-related, water or ice will give you a fighting chance. For many, Vaporen or Azumaril, both who are water or ice attributed, will beat the crap out of a Charizard. 😂


What Is Charizard Weak Against?
Charizard vs Electricity. Image source: Nintendo

The reason electricity is considered a weakness for a Charizard is due to its strong defense. That means an impregnable defense against fire will naturally become a weakness of a Charizard. Additionally, electric moves like the Electric Net can also slow down flying Pokémon like a Charizard. Imagine a combination of a Thunder Cage for defense, a Thunder Punch for offense, and an Electric Net to counter speed. That will spell doom even to the strongest Charizard. Via Giphy

Do all Charizard have the same weakness?

All Charizards have the same weaknesses. That is because even the strongest Charizards can only utilize fire and their superior flying speeds when fighting. That means a Charizard is practically on the chopping block if you can find a way to defend against fire and lower their speed or counter it with matching or superior speed. Pun intended. 😀😅

If you want to beat Charizards, get Pokémon with Rock, Water, Ice, and Electric attributes. In so doing, you stand a better chance of either being victorious or, at the very least, going toe-to-toe.

How to best counter Charizards

Charizard MoveCounter Move Set
Wing AttackSpark, Rock Throw, Bubble
Blast BurnThunder, Rock Slide, Aqua Jet
Dragon ClawThunder Punch, Stone Edge, Aqua Tail


Who can defeat Charizard?

Articuno and Mul Trez are considered to be very strong, and a Charizard will not be able to defeat them. However, Zapdos may be the only one who will beat Charizard anytime, anywhere. That is because of the electric-type attack and defense that a Charizard can’t do anything about.

What Pokémon should be used against Charizard?

When a Charizard has evolved into a mature dragon, it will be challenging to beat. The best option for you should be Azumarill. That is because Azumarill is very strong offensively, and its water and Fairy-like attributes are a natural defense against the strongest moves of the Charizard.

Is Charizard weak against Fairy?

Although a Fairy is an ice attribute Pokémon, a Charizard with its fire attribute is also a natural counter against fire. Both attributes are each other’s weaknesses. That means a Charizard will be mostly evenly matched with a Fairy.

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