What Packs come in Charizard UPC? (Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection Card list)

When I first entered the Pokémon world, I formed a special connection with Charizard UPC cards that went beyond just collecting. When the Sword & Shield ultra-premium collection came out last year, it became some sort of obsession for me for a while, to be honest😬.

I just couldn’t have enough! Each card I got became a part of my journey, filled with passion and excitement. To me, these cards aren’t just pieces of cardboard; they’re moments and shared memories.

Let’s dive into this Charizard UPC list.

Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection Card List

What Packs come in Charizard UPC?  
Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection. Image source: Pinterest

The Sword and Shield ultra-premium collection-Charizard was launched last year in October, and I cannot tell you how much I’d been waiting! The Pokémon (V, VMAX, and VSTAR) offered worthy gameplay options, but really, the Charizard series changed the entire game🙌.

The Charizard V is the first in the pack. The card shows a colorful picture of Charizard taking a break in the woods after a battle with Kanto Starter.

The Charizard V Card’s Incinerate move hurts your opponent’s Pokémon and gets rid of their Pokémon Tools, which is a big plus in my books.

You can upgrade the Charizard V card into the Charizard VMAX. This card shows Charizard in its special Gigantamax form from Pokémon Sword and Shield, breathing out fire in the sky. The Gigantamax Wildfire attack has a 3 Fire Energy cost and also 2 Colorless Energy cost. But I think the 300 damage it does makes it worth it.

The next up in the pack is the Charizard VSTAR. I think this one will probably be the most valuable collectible in the set. It’s special for its unique hand-drawn design showing Gen 1 Pokémon Charizard fighting with Legendary Mewtwo.

The Charizard VSTAR also has some incredible attacks, like the Explosive Fire 🔥hits that go for 130 damage. Even with the requirement to discard 2 Energy (same as Charizard VMAX), the Charizard VSTAR does 320 damage, which is 20 more than VMAX.

The table below ⬇ shows the impressive Sword and Shield Ultra-Premium Collection- Charizard:

3Etched foil promo cards. Charizard, Charizard VMAX, Charizard VSTAR1Playmat featuring Gigantamax Charizard65Card sleeves featuring Gigantamax Charizard2Metal condition markers6Metal damage-counter dice1Metal coin featuring Gigantamax Charizard1Acrylic VSTAR marker16Pokémon TCG booster packs from the Sword and Sheild Series1Player’s guide to the series1Code card, usable in either Pokémon TCG Online or Live.

Is Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection Good Investment?

A resounding YES is my answer to you. Considering how we collectors appreciate the rare cards and how valuable they become over time, investing in the Charizard UPC would be a pretty good move👍. But you also need to understand a number of factors that will make this a good investment.

First of all, the rarer the Charizard card, the more valuable it is. In a few years, the Charizard UPC cards will cease production, and their prices will shoot through the roof. Collecting the cards now will be an excellent move for you.

Equally important, you need to keep the cards in the best condition possible. We all know that time does its thing and nothing stays the same, but keeping them in mint condition will get you more cash flowing in.

A first-edition Charizard card can go for as much as USD 15,500 if kept in great condition.

What Packs come in Charizard UPC? 

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The Charizard UPC cards will always be popular. People will want a collection of them, starting from when they first came into play (I’m a good example of such people). The timeless appeal of Charizard goes beyond multiple generations.

How much does the Charizard Ultra-Premium box cost?

The Charizard ultra-premium box has different prices on different platforms. The Charizard Ultra-Premium box goes for around 119 US dollars on Amazon.

But you can also find them on eBay at a much lower prices, from 29.99 US dollars. It all depends on your pocket😉.

This difference in prices depends on who the seller is, the condition of the box, and whatever’s happening in the market.

Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection Card History

What Packs come in Charizard UPC?  
Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection. Image source: Pinterest

Personally, finding the Charizard UPC cards is like finding treasures in the Pokémon World. The Base Set Charizard, which is from all the way back in 1999, is quite hard to find.

It is famous for having a timeless look. In 2002, everybody wanted the Shining Charizard from the Neo Destiny Set when it came out. I don’t know their reasons, but I’ll tell you mine, the holographic style!

Fast forward to 2017 to the debut of the Charizard GX Rainbow Rare from the Burning Set. 2020 brought with it the Champion’s Path Charizard VMAX. It was a limited edition, so you can imagine the rush to get it before it ran out. This one was a masterpiece in my collection until 2022, when bigger and better came into play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection worth it?

Totally worth it. It’s considered one of the greatest releases.

What is the weight of the Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection box?

This collection is pretty lightweight, with 2.4lb.

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