Who is the strongest Charizard? (Which Charizard is the strongest?)

As a die-hard Pokémon fan, I’ve always taken pride in my Charizard collection. Recently, I began ranking them based on their powers and movesets to determine the strongest among them.

After poring over hundreds of comments from other Pokémon enthusiasts online, I was able to set upon my task with adequate information and interesting opinions.

In this article, I’ll share with you what I learned about the strongest Charizards and their impressive accomplishments.

Is Ash’s Charizard stronger than Leon’s Charizard?

💪Since Leon is currently the strongest trainer in the Pokémon League, his Charizard is stronger than Ash’s Charizard.

He has faced off against powerful enemies admirably and defeated most of them with relative ease. On the other hand, while Ash can be a talented, strategic, and skilled trainer, he hasn’t won in the different leagues he’s been featured in.

Who is stronger, Ash’s Charizard or Alain’s Charizard?

Which Charizard is the strongest?
Ash’s Charizard or Alain’s Charizard. Image source: Pokemon

🔥Well, this question has raised a hot debate among fans of the respective Charizards, with most of them agreeing that Ash’s and Alain’s Charizards are equally strong when they’re in their base forms.

However, Alain’s Charizard can mega evolve, which often gives it an advantage over Ash’s Charizard, which cannot mega evolve.

Ash’s Charizard has accomplished impressive feats like beating Articuno, a legendary Pokémon, and sweeping half of Gary’s team, albeit with struggle. On the other hand, Alain’s Charizard easily beat an entire team of Kalos Gym Leaders while still in base form.

It fought and bested Zygarde, which is a more legendary and powerful Pokémon than the Articuno that Ash’s Charizard fought. In its mega form, it beat a mega evolved member of the Elite Four, who are portrayed as invincible trainers who can easily handle Ash and Alain.

This formidable feat of strength squarely puts Alain’s Charizard ahead of Ash’s.

Who is stronger, Ash’s Charizard or Red’s Charizard?

Who is the strongest Charizard? 
Ash’s Charizard VS Red’s Charizard. Image source: Pokemon

💥Both Ash’s and Red’s Charizards have showcased impressive feats of strength, making it difficult to determine who is stronger between them. Red’s Charizard has defeated formidable opponents in games and manga series, including Blue’s Blastoise and Lance’s Dragonite.

Red’s Charizard can also mega-evolve, gaining more power and strength. On the other hand, Ash’s Charizard has also defeated powerful opponents like Articuno and Gary’s Blastoise in the anime series.

It possesses unique personality traits and a wealth of experience that make it as equally formidable as Red’s Charizard. Therefore, the stronger Charizard depends on personal opinion, but it’s a close tie.

What is the best Charizard in Pokémon?

There’s no single best Charizard in Pokémon, as everyone has unique preferences when choosing their favorite character. Competitive players prefer Charizards with powerful abilities, clever movesets, superior stats, and supportive team composition.

Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y have unique strengths, making them popular choices for many players. Let’s look at the full stats that make these two Charizards the best options for players:





Max CP

Mega Charizard Y





Mega Charizard X





Why is Leon’s Charizard so strong?


😎Leon’s Charizard is considered to be so strong because of its ability to achieve its Gigantamax form, which gives it access to new and dangerous moves, like Max Lightning, Max Knuckle, Max Airstream, and G-Max Wildfire. It has used its Giganta Max power against powerful opponents like Lance the Dragon Master and emerged victorious.

Leon’s Charizard is also strong because even without transforming to its Gigantamax form, it is still a vicious fighter.

It can carry out a wide range of moves, including Air Slash, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Thunder Punch, and Dragon Claw. It has faced off with the mighty Eternatus, Alain’s Mega Charizard X, and Raihan’s Duraludon, showcasing admirable strength and power.

It can quickly change its entire moveset to adapt to its opponent’s Pokémon, making it almost unbeatable.

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