How Much Is Japanese Charizard Worth? (How Much Do Japanese Charizard Cost)

For those of us who have played Charizard for a long time, you must have encountered a Japanese game once or twice. I can’t forget my first experience with a Japanese Charizard game.

I couldn’t help but compare the prices there and here in New York. Many people wonder 🤔 if importing some Japanese Charizard games unavailable in English would be worth it.

Are you curious about the worth of a Japanese Charizard?

Well, let’s find out!

How Much Is Japanese Charizard Worth?

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How rare is Japanese Charizard?

It Depends on the kind of Japanese Charizard you want. There are some very rare and extremely valuable Japanese Charizard cards out there, but still, there are some cheaper ones.

In fact, it has been said that many Japanese Charizards are cheaper compared to English ones. I guess 🤝 it comes down to the forces of supply and demand.

After all, there are more English than Japanese speakers worldwide.

One of the reasons many Japanese Charizard cards are available compared to English ones is that many Japanese cards have no limited editions.

That means they are constantly distributed, and plenty are in circulation. What has made many English Charizard cards expensive and rare is that most were produced and distributed in very few numbers.

Once the supply is limited, the card will naturally be hard to find and retail at higher prices.

Of course, there are some super-rare Japanese Charizard cards that are extremely valuable and expensive.

Many of these rare Japanese Charizards have been known to fetch exorbitantly high prices at auctions. An example is the 2000 Neo Genesis First Edition Holo Lugia, which sold for $144,000🥱 at an auction in 2020.

What this means is although there are many locally available and easy-to-find Japanese Charizard cards, there also exists a small number of very rare ones.

How many Japanese Charizards are there?

According to, an authoritative publication on all matters Pokémon, there are 48 different Charizard cards since its debut, with slightly over 90 Japanese Expanded Versions👏.

This means that there are more Japanese Charizard cards out there than the English ones. This is one of the reasons that has contributed to the availability of Japanese Charizard cards in the market today.

 How Much Do Japanese Charizard Cost

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How much is the Japanese Charizard First Edition?

How Much Is Japanese Charizard Worth? 
Japanese Charizard First Edition. Image source: Pinterest

The Japanese Charizard First Edition has been known to attract different prices in most auctions, with the ones on eBay showing the most recent price range.

You need to know that the First Edition of Japanese Charizard has been reproduced in masse to celebrate the franchise’s launch. In fact, it is easier to get this edition of Charizard than some more recent auditions.

According to the recent auction results of the First Edition of Japanese Charizard, the prices have ranged from $60 to $150.

All factors considered, I’d say this is fairly cheap compared to some Charizard editions out there.

Value of the top 6 most valuable Japanese Charizards on eBay

CharizardQuoted Price in Dollars
Bandai PRISM Green Holo 1996 Pokemon 1/1413,999.99
Japanese Prism Holo 199885,000.00
Carddass Prism 1999 Japanese POP 149,999.99
2014 Pokemon Japanese XY Promo36,999.00
Mysterious Mountains e 1st ED29,999.99
TopSun Charizard HoloFoil Green Back24,995.00


What determines the worth of a Japanese Charizard card?

There are three factors that are used to gauge the value of your Japanese Charizard: the general physical condition of the card, its demand, and rarity or edition.

How can you tell the value of your Japanese Charizard?

You can use a combination of the following methods to estimate the value of your Japanese Charizard card:

  • Study the key distinguishing features of the card.
  • Search online for price guides for similar cards.
  • Check recent auction prices for similar cards.
  • Seek an appraisal from professionals.

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