What is a Shadowless Charizard? (How to Know if your Pokémon Charizard is Shadowless)

If you were born and raised in the 90s and the 2000s like me, you probably remember the shadowless cards from the first edition of Pokémon cards.

Anyone with a first-edition shadowless card would carry it to school to show it off to friends.

We all went along with the shadowless Charizard card hunt because it made us feel closer to the game than our friends. I would even be so bold as to say that it gave us a sense of purpose (admit it!) Let’s dive back into this nostalgic era and talk about shadowless Charizard cards.

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How Rare is the Shadowless Charizard card?

The shadowless Pokémon cards were the first set created and marketed by the Wizards of the Coast, before they shifted to the shadowed unlimited edition. Over time, the cards have become rare since most people have the unlimited edition cards.

An authentic shadowless Charizard card has to be graded first before being sold. As a result, only 56 first editions with a score of PSA-10 (which puts them in the mint condition category) have been graded and sold. A total of about 121 shadowless cards have been documented and sold.

How do I know if my card is Shadowless?

 How to Know if your Pokémon Charizard is Shadowless
Shadowless Charizard card. Image source: Pokemon

Due to the scarcity and rarity of shadowless cards, it’s natural that we’d all question the authenticity of our shadowless cards. Worry not! There’s a foolproof way of identifying shadowless cards.

Before we go further, it’s important to note that some shadowless cards are first edition, which means they were the original batch of cards from the Pokémon card game.

Other shadowless cards do not bear the ‘first edition’ tag but have all the other features of the shadowless collection.

🧐Here’s a comparison of shadowless and shadowed cards to help you tell them apart.

 Shadowless CardShadowed Card
ShadowOn the right side of the artwork, there’s no shadow before the yellow border.The unlimited edition cards have a shadow (Bonus tip: it appears as a darker red😉)
HP (hit points) printAt the top right corner, the HP print is thinner.The print is comparatively darker in this set.
Copyright datesAt the bottom of the cards, the dates are 1995, 96,98,99.The dates here are 1995, 96,98
The Charizard ArtworkThe Charizard is significantly darker with jungle green wings.The Charizard is light with blueish wings.

How much does the Shadowless Charizard Cost?

What is a Shadowless Charizard? 
Shadowless Charizard. Image source: Nintendo

It is a well-known fact among professional and casual card collectors that the Pokémon Charizard card always carries a heftier price than any other Pokémon.

Additionally, the grade of the card also influences its value. The higher the grade, the higher the price.

That said, several factors come into play when setting the price of a shadowless Charizard card.

The first edition cards have a higher demand, therefore, they fetch high prices of around 7000 – 200000 USD. The PSA-10 cards sell for 200000 USD or higher, depending on where you buy yours.

The Shadowless Charizard cards are like the apex of any card collector’s journey, hence the high demand and higher pricing.

The shadowless cards sell at about 1600 – 50000 USD, depending on the grade. This price makes the shadowless cards way more expensive than any card in the unlimited edition.

Why is Shadowless Charizard so expensive?

😬💸The shadowless Charizard cards are the most sought-after in the Pokémon collection. Due to the high demand for these cards, they fetch high prices in the card trade market.

The scarcity and rarity of the cards make them way more expensive than any cards in the unlimited base set.

Their age, limited print run, and historical value influence the pricing. As I mentioned earlier, the shadowless cards were the first set created by the Wizards of the Coast.

The more popular unlimited edition cards came afterwards. Therefore, most collectors want the limited edition since it makes them feel more connected to the history of the Pokémon game.

Additionally, some early Pokémon characters are in the shadowless cards. As a result, professional card collectors need to possess these cards to cement their card collection legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all shadowless cards part of the first edition set?

No. The shadowless cards from the first edition set bear the ‘first edition’ stamp. However, other shadowless cards exist, but weren’t part of the first edition.

Are all first-edition cards shadowless?

Yes. All first-edition cards belong in the shadowless category since the unlimited edition came in a bit later. The only exception is the Machamp cards because they were all printed with the ‘first edition’ logo, whether they had a shadow or not.

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