What Happened to Ash’s Charizard? (Did Ash Release His Charizard)

Ash and Charizard’s relationship was undoubtedly the best part of the Pokémon series. I remember feeling Ash’s frustration when Charizard acted up and cost him the match against Ritchie during the Indigo League 😢.

And with the release of the final season of Pokémon, it’s only fitting to explore Charizard’s fate. Let’s find out why Ash released his Charizard and what happens later.

Let’s get into it.

Why did Ash release his Charizard?

ash and charizard
Ash and charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Ash actually released his Charizard twice. The first time was at the Charicific Valley, and the second was at Professor Oak’s lab.

He released Charizard at Charicific Valley so he could train with his kind. Ash believed doing so would improve his Charizard’s strength and skill. In Charicific Valley, Ash’s Charizard challenged and lost to the wild Charizard, which caused Liza, the valley’s caretaker, to kick them out.

However, Team Rocket came to the rescue 🦸‍♂️. They staged an attack against Charicific Valley and allowed Ash’s Charizard to defeat them, which earned him a spot in the valley.

Ash, wanting what was best for his friend, allowed him to stay and train with the wild Charizard.

After the “Black and White” series, Ash leaves Charizard with Professor Oak before moving to the Kalos region.

He does this to challenge himself since he desires to be a Pokémon master. To achieve this, he starts afresh whenever he moves to a new region.

What episode does Ash leave Charizard? 🤔

What Happened to Ash’s Charizard?  
Ash and Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Ash leaves his Charizard on Charicific Island in the “Burning Ambitions” episode. As mentioned, he allowed Charizard to train with the wild Charizard on the island under Liza’s care. This decision paid off because Charizard grew stronger.

He also leaves him at the end of the “Black and White” series.

Does Ash ever get Charizard back?

Yes. Charizard reappeared to help Ash in the Orange League, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. In the “Symbol of Life” episode, Charizard returns to fight Noland’s Articuno at the Battle Factory.

Later, during “The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion,” Charizard rejoins Ash’s team to fight against Team Plasma. At the end of the “Black and White” series, Charizard joins Ash’s other Pokémon at Professor Oak’s laboratory.

Why did Charizard lose respect for Ash?

Charizard lost respect for Ash when he evolved into a charmeleon. His improved skill and strength caused him to rebel and disobey Ash.

His rebellion cost Ash several battles as Charizard refused to fight opponents he deemed too weak and disregarded Ash’s instructions during a fight.


His arrogance grew worse when he evolved into a Charizard. He would often lash out and even attack Ash. However, Charizard’s arrogance nearly cost him his life when he faced Tad’s Poliwrath.

He disregarded Ash’s commands not to use his Flamethrower against Poliwrath. Eventually, Poliwrath encased him in ice, which nearly snuffed out his tail’s flame 🔥.

In what episode does Charizard return to Ash?

What Happened to Ash’s Charizard? 
Charizard and Ash. Image source: Nintendo

As mentioned, Charizard returned to Ash in “Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion.” In this episode, Ash and his friends attended a fair in Kanto, where a show involving a Charmander reminded Ash of his friend, Charizard.

Ash contacted Professor Oak and exchanged Unfezant for Charizard.

However, this wasn’t the time Charizard returned to the series. Here’s a breakdown of other times he returns to Ash’s team:

Episode/ regionCircumstance
HoennAppeared as a flashback to Ash’s battle in “There’s No Place Like Hoenn
Decolore IslandsCharizard fought wild Ninetales on Frond Island.
“Friends Lend Me Your Spirit” EpisodeCharizard trained Ash’s Genger to master Will-O-Wisp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Charizard now?

Towards the end of the Black and White series, Charizard joins the rest of Ash’s Pokemon at Professor Oak’s laboratory. Ash leaves him there as he heads off to the Kalos region. He appears severally in the “Journeys” series, where he helps train some of Ash’s Pokémon.

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