What is the best Charizard mega? (Which is the best Charizard mega evolution?)

In 2013, when mega evolution was introduced, I was excited about it, but I faced challenges when deciding which Charizard evolution was the best.

Being obsessed, with Charizard, I knew I would solve that little challenge with online research and practicals.

Gradually, I became a master of Mega Evolution after realizing that it all depends on your team because both of the Charizard Mega Evolutions are great.

So, today, I am writing to guide you on the best Charizard Mega Evolution for you.

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How many Charizard evolutions are there?

What is the best Charizard mega? 
Mega Charizard Y. Image source: Pinterest

There are three Charizard evolutions: Gigantamax Charizard, mega Charizard X, and mega Charizard Y. Charizardite X and Charizardite Y can evolve into mega Charizard X and Y, respectively.

And if your Charizard has the Gigantamax factor, it can Gigantamax to become a Gigantamax Charizard. All the Charizard evolutions are great, depending on which task you are trying to complete and how the rest of your team is.

Which is the best Charizard mega evolution?

Which is the best Charizard mega evolution?
Charizard mega evolution. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned above, all Charizard mega evolutions are 😊 good; however, depending on your team, you might want to choose mega Charizard X over Y and vice versa.

In competitive singles, Mega Charizard X is considered to be better compared to Mega Y because it can be easily set up and has sheer force following a single dragon dance.

However, Charizard Mega Y is great for doubles because the sun brought up by this Charizard mega evolution can support various mons.

Furthermore, Charizard Mega Y is considered special, while Charizard X is physical. So, depending on your team, let’s say four team members lean on the physical attack side; Y will work well for you compared to mega charizard X.

Furthermore, mega Y is a great wall breaker. It has much power alongside turn Solarbeams and STAB fire attacks, which are sun enhanced. These features make it a worthwhile addition to your team.

Therefore, pick your poison carefully. I choose a mega charizard evolution, depending on the state of my team.

I prefer my teams to be divided in 3/3, that is, special/physical attacking. It is key to build your team wisely to defeat your opponent. Both mega-evolutions are really🤩 amazing but also play vastly different roles.

Is there a significant difference between Charizard Mega X and Y?

Which is the best Charizard mega evolution?
Charizard Mega X and Y. Image source: Pinterest

Mega X

Mega Y

On evolving, mega charizard X acquires Tough Claws

On evolving, mega Y gets Drought

Better design

Not as good as Mega X in terms of design

Max CP is 3850

Max CP is 4455

Gives a dragon boost and dance but lacks speed

Has high speed and quick moves, including the Fire Spin, Ember, and Dragon Breath.

Yes, there are several significant differences between Charizard Mega Y and Mega X. On evolving, mega charizard X acquires Tough Claws, which means that when it physically contacts the enemy during an attack, its 💪power increases by 30%.

On the other hand, mega charizard Y gets Drought on evolving, meaning that it is great for sun teams and can stop an enemy who is using the weather.

Furthermore, Mega Charizard X has a better design, while Y has more CP. Mega Y has a CP of 4455, a 212 1-point-lower defence, and a 319 attack.

The max CP of mega Charizard X is 3850, and an attack is 273. Mega Charizard X also gives its teammates a Dragon boost and has a Dragon dance ability that allows it to make up for its lack of speed.

On the other hand, Mega Y is pretty fast with some of its quick moves, including the Fire Spin, Ember, and Dragon Breath.

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