How much is Charizard ex worth? (how much do Charizard ex cost)

I have always adored the fiery Dragon in Pokémon. Whenever new Charizard cards are released, I cannot hide my excitement since I love playing cards.

Last month, I wanted to add Charizard Ex cards to my collection, but I was not sure of their value. So, I decided to research to find out their worth beforehand.

After collecting a few Charizard ex-cards for a fair price, I decided to create this for the sake of other players interested in them.

Today, I will be discussing the value of Charizard Ex cards, so stick around until the end for this.

How rare is Charizard ex?

How much is Charizard ex worth? 

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Though the Charizard ex card is highly sought after by many card collectors, it is not as rare as other Pokémon cards.

The Charizard Ex cards have been part of the Pokémon TCG (XY) expansion since they were first released in 2014.

Charizard Ex cards are still considered valuable when released in limited quantities, and the demand is high.

You’re probably wondering which is the rarest Charizard Ex card. Many people believe that it is the gold Hyper Rare in the Obsidian Flames Set.

Due to its rarity, it is one of the most expensive cards. Another Charizard Ex card that is rare and sought after by many collectors is the Charizard Ex Full Art card, which goes for over $600 ungraded.

Why is Charizard Ex so expensive?

How much is Charizard ex worth?  
Charizard Ex. Image source: Pinterest

One of the things that contributes to the high price of Charizard ex cards is their limited availability. 🙄Since some of the Charizard ex cards are not easy to find, they cost more than other cards.

The popularity of Charizard Ex cards also contributes to their high price. Charizards ‘ cards have been making the headlines for a long time now. 🤔 Can you believe that there was one time when a 1999 Charizard card was going for $420,000?

If you are a card collector looking for a Charizard ex card, take your time to understand their value to avoid overspending on them. Most Charizard ex-cards now have a value of between $100 and $270,600.

You should consider not only the rarity of such cards but also their condition since this also affects their value.

For instance, Mint collection Charizard ex cards have a higher value since they are in perfect condition compared to those that have gone through the hands of many collectors.

How much is Charizard ex obsidian flames worth?

How much is Charizard ex worth?
Charizard ex obsidian flames. Image source: Pokemon

The Pokémon TCG meta has been growing thanks to Obsidian Flames. Whether you are a card collector or a competitive player, you should understand that the cost of each Charizard ex-card in the Obsidian Flames differs.

Though we mentioned that the rarest card in the Obsidian Flame set is the gold Hyper Rare, it is currently not fetching the highest price in the market.

The most expensive Obsidian Flames Charizard Ex card is the Special Illustration Rare card. This table summarizes the market value of Charizard Ex cards in obsidian flames.

Card Number Market value
Charizard ex (Ultra Rare)215/197$27
Charizad ex (Hyper Rare)228/197$30
Charizard ex (Special Illustration Rare)223/197$70
Charizard ex125/197$22

🧐Note that the market values of these cards are subject to change. There is a possibility that the price will change if some cards become more available or others become more desirable with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Pokémon Mega Charizard EX card?

The lowest price of this card is currently $249.34 ungraded. However, this price may change in the future.

What affects the value of an old Pokémon card?

The main factors include its grade and print run. Additionally, the set it originated from, market demand, and its condition also affect the value of such a card.

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