Why is Charizard so popular? (is Charizard overrated?)

If you grew up in the 1990s like me, you are probably aware of the Pokemon craze that existed during this era. I first came across Charizard in elementary school through a friend.

It did not take me too long to realize that Charizard was quite popular not only in school but also in my community. I was especially intrigued by its dragon-like appearance and crazy behavior, and like many, wondered why Charizard was so popular.

Since I have been a Charizard enthusiast for years, I will help you find out the reason behind its popularity and value.

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What is special about Charizard?

💪Charizard is special because it has all the characteristics of a sharp and strong Pokemon. For instance, it looks like a dragon and has wings that can carry it to an altitude of up to 4600 feet. It flies around the sky, looking for powerful opponents to fight with, but does not attack weak foes.

🔥I also find it special due to its ability to breathe intense flames capable of melting any material. The overwhelming power that fills its body causes it to turn black as it creates blue flames.

Additionally, its sharp claws and ability to pack a punch come in handy during harsh battles. Charizard is iconic since it was the first Pokemon that Mega evolved into Mega Charizard X.

Why do people love Charizard so much?

is Charizard overrated?
Charizard. Image source: Pokemon

Don’t we all love dragons? Kids especially find them quite fascinating and, therefore, love Charizard because it is a dragon.

Charizard also holds a special place in the hearts of millennials because it evolved from a Chameleon that evolved from Charmander.

Charmander was probably your first Pokemon ever.

Others love Charizard because it is a good fighter during tough situations. They are also intrigued by Charizard’s mega-evolution.

I can never get enough of its ability to switch between fire and flying type and fire and dragon based on the scenario.

Why is Charizard so valuable?

Why is Charizard so popular? 
Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Collectors highly seek after Charizard because of its vintage aspect. The 1999 Holographic Charizard is the original Base Set of Pokemon that was ever produced.

Due to nostalgia, it only makes sense that Charizard cards are worth a large amount of money.

If you are looking to add Charizard to your Pokemon collection, you should know that they are rare and expensive.

Charizard is valuable because it is a symbol of success, destruction, and power earned during the Pokemon journey.

💖Since Charizard is one of the most beloved and iconic Pokemon, it has a high demand among collectors.

Its limited supply over time has also led to increased competition among those looking to acquire Charizard cards. This, in turn, makes them more valuable.

Let’s look at an estimate of the value of the Charizard cards.

Card Value Charizard Ex Full art (276/XY-P)Over $600Shining Charizard 1st Edition (107/105)Over $700Charizard Gold Star (100/101)Over 1000Charizard National Championship (100/97)Over 1000.
Charizard (89/88)$9000

Note that the value may change over time.

Did Charizard become popular because of the anime?

How Much Is First Edition Charizard Worth?

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Though the anime gave Charizard more exposure, it was not the main factor behind Charizard’s popularity. Even before the introduction of the anime to the Japanese audience, Charizard was already popular.

Since the games were introduced before the show, it was not the first time that the rest of the world has seen Charizard.

A lot of its popularity did not come because of the anime but because of its rarity and design and because it was a chase card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some people think that Charizard is overrated?

😯Though Charizard is among the most notable mascots, some people view it as overrated because it is not as useful as most players think. This is because, in its fire-flying form, it has weaknesses like Electric by x2 and Ground by x4.

Is Charizard capable of defeating Pikachu?

Most players believe that this is possible since Charizard has more hp and stronger moves to beat Pikachu.

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