How Much Is a First Edition Charizard? (How Much Is First Edition Charizard Worth?)

We have come a long way since the late 1990s and early 2000s regarding Pokémon Charizard. I remember my first card back then. It was my birthday, and my grandma got it for me as a birthday present.

If I can recall, it went for around $30. Considering the current going rate of some First Edition Cards🤭, I should have held onto mine for a few more years.

With the current prices of the First Edition Charizard, the current generation of Charizard lovers will be hard-pressed if they want to enjoy this game.

So, what’s the current price of the First Edition Charizard, and why is it so rare? Let’s find out!

How Much Is a First Edition Charizard? 

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How rare is the Charizard First Edition card?

The First Edition Charizard is extremely rare. This edition of Charizard cards was the first of its kind, particularly in the United States, and only a few were distributed.

They had already been released and distributed by the time Pokemania hit. That means the first people who got these cards were few, and by the time the Charizard craze came 💨 in the mid-2000s, nobody wanted to let go of their cards.

Why is the First Edition Charizard rare?

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Several reasons can be attributed to the rarity of the First Edition of Charizard:

  • Number of cards available. Only 102 cards were released, 16 of them being even rarer holographic cards. Think 🤔 about the forces of supply and demand. There are thousands, if not millions, of Charizard nerds with only a few cards available.
  • Nostalgic value. Many of those who acquired the Charizard First Edition can be said to be the pioneers of Charizard. They grew up with the franchise and, therefore, attached great sentiment to the first game they ever got. They don’t want to let it go. Imagine your first toy. Many of us still remember the first toy we ever got. It may be old and outdated, but the memories make it hard for you to part with it.
  • Charizard collectors. Collectors have also greatly contributed to the rarity of Charizard First Edition. Most collectors are not players; they price their collections depending on the condition. Imagine it has been over 23 years since the release of the First Edition, which means the collectors are hoarding the cards safely, intending to increase their prices in the future.
  • Grading. A majority of those who have bought the First Edition of Charizard in recent years have shipped them for either PSA or BGS grading. With many cards out of circulation, it automatically means the remaining few are rare to find.

How to know if your Charizard Pokémon card is rare?

How Much Is a First Edition Charizard? 
Charizard Pokémon card. Image source: Pokemon

👉To know if your Charizard card is rare, you should look for the collector’s card number and then examine the symbol on its right. That is commonly referred to as the rarity symbol, which, together with other features on the card, determines its rarity.

For example, a black/white circle means common, a black/white diamond means uncommon, a black/white star means rare, etc.

If you need clarification on the rarity of your card, you can always take it to a PSA or BGS grading.

Why is the First Edition Charizard card so expensive?

How Much Is First Edition Charizard Worth?
First Edition Charizard card. Image source: Pokemon

Some of the reasons why the First Edition Charizard is expensive are:

  • Low supply and high demand. Considering the many people who love Charizard and the number of cards out there, the value of the available ones keeps increasing.
  • The game is iconic. The Charizard First Edition was the first in the franchise, making it highly desired by Charizard lovers.
  • Scarcity of quality cards. There are not many well-preserved, high-quality First Editions of Charizard, which increases its value.

Estimated prices of some rare Charizards

CharizardEstimated Cost in Dollars
1999 First Edition Mint Holo25k to 150k
1999 Mint Holo15k to 30k
1996 Japanese Holo9k to 13.5
2002 Reverse Holo4k to 6.5k
2016 XY Staff2k to 3k


Which Charizard card is the rarest?

The rarest Charizard card is the 1 Charizard First Edition (4/120). It is the most famous and valuable for any collector.

Why is holographic Charizard First Edition expensive?

The First Edition Holographic, or shiny as they are popularly known, Charizard cards were only 16. This makes them the rarest of the set, making them expensive.

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