How long can Charizard fly (can a Charizard fly forever)

Since the first time I came across Charizard, I found it hard to believe that such a massive Pokémon evolved from a tiny Charmander. My friend who had experience with Pokemon told me that even though Charizard was a dragon, it could fly. This made me more interested in Pokémon.

After years of experience using Charizard, I started helping other newbies learn more about it. I created this post to share insights regarding Charizard’s flying capability.

Read on until the end to find out how long Charizard can fly, whether it can fly in all games, and much more!

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How high can a Charizard fly?

🔥Charizard is not only famous for its ability to breathe fire on its opponents but also for its flying ability. This dual-type Pokemon has two large wings that enable it to fly up to an altitude of 1400 meters.

How long can Charizard fly

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Though Charizard looks big and heavy, it flies effortlessly across the sky as it searches for some powerful opponents to go into battle with.

Charizard starts flying after it evolves from Charmeleon since this is when it transforms into a dual flying/fire type Pokemon. It evolves from Charmeleon at level 36. Check out the forms of Charizard, Evolution, and Type.



Unevolved Charmander


Fire Evolution Charmeleon


Second Evolution Charizard

Fire Flying




Fire Flying

Mega Charizard X

Fire Dragon

Mega Charizard Y

Fire Flying

Can a flying Charizard fly forever?

How long can Charizard fly?
Charizard flying. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. 😫flying Charizard can fly in the air forever without getting exhausted. Due to the wings that it developed during evolution, it can use different flying-type abilities and can glide.

Its two large wings feature blue-green undersides that sprout from its back, as well as a horn-like appendage that juts out from each wing.

It continues to expel an unlimited amount of energy from its mouth as it comes across opponents in the air. A flying Charizard can breathe the fire of such intense heat that it melts anything that it encounters as it flies above the ground.

The flying Charizard has even been known to cause forest fires accidentally. The temperature of its fire continues increasing as it gains experience in battle.

When Charizard gets furious, the flame at the top of the tail becomes whitish-blue. 🤕Though Charizard can fly forever and breathe fire, it does not throw flames at weaker opponents unless commanded or provoked.

How do you teach a Charizard how to fly?

😔Though Charizard can fly, you should note that it cannot fly in Red and Blue. This changed with the introduction of Yellow. Charizard can learn HM O2- Fly in Pokemon Yellow as well as in Stadium.

Therefore, if you want to teach a Charizard how to fly in the original games, you have to trade one from a later version. This means that you have to trade your beloved dragon for a copy of Pokemon Yellow so that you can teach it to fly and then transfer it back.

Since Charizard is a bug killer, you can use it against Parasect and Scyther. When you use a high-level Charizard against a high-level opponent, consider techniques like Fire Spin, Flamethrower, or Toxic.

You can also utilize Fly when you wish to drag out the length of the battle and Burn or Poison to cause further damage.

In case you fight against a Charizard, you should remember its dual-type nature and its susceptibility to techniques like Rock, Water, Ice, and Electric. You can knock it out fast by attacking with Surf or Thunder.

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