How to get Charizard class curry (how to make Charizard curry)

I cannot help laughing🤣 when I remember my first Charizard class curry. The smoke, ringing fire alarms, blackened berries, and Pokémon frightened at the culinary disaster.

I almost gave up after several other attempts characterized by fierce flames and berry explosions. But with the heart and bravery of a Charizard, I did not give.

I began rigorous training and, finally, cracked the Charizard class curry code. While a few people can make the curry with other camping players, most people wonder how they can make it alone.

Sit tight because I will not only teach you how to choose the ingredients but also how to fan and control the flames, stir strategies, put enough love into your curry, and have your Pokémon enjoy it.

How to get Charizard class curry 

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Can you make Charizard class curry alone?

Although challenging 🥵, you can make a Charizard class curry alone. I have come across several myths that suggest that you can only succeed in preparing the curry when in a group. While it is much easier to do it in a group, doing it alone can also yield excellent results.

As mentioned, doing it alone is much more challenging and requires one to develop vital skills that would ensure the success of a class curry.

For instance, funning the flame is a major challenge for most first-time solo chefs. They either do not achieve enough fanning or fun too much, causing the curry to burn.

Another vital skill that a solo chef would require is the right stirring strategy. While these skills may seem impossible at first, practice helps you to become a pro.

How to Consistently get Charizard Class Curry By yourself

how to make Charizard curry
Charizard Class Curry. Image source: Pokemon

To consistently achieve the Charizard class curry by yourself, you need to pick the right ingredient, fan the right flame size, stir correctly, and practice continually.

This means that you must understand the process of making the class curry and do it again and again. Each stage of making the class curry is essential and requires perfection.

First, choose the right ingredients. To prepare a finger-licking class curry, you have to choose the highest quality berries. The quality of berries determines their viability to produce better results.

To determine the quality of berries, find out whether they are flesh. Flesh berries have a better look in that they are plump, have vibrant colors, and have no blemishes or shriveled skin. In some cases, quality berries are larger.

You can also observe the special effects of some berries. For instance, Belue Berries and Lansat Berries have a special glow around them.

Also, growing your berries will guarantee quality.

Additionally, choosing the right berry vendor is crucial because some berry vendors have a reputation for selling high-quality ones. For instance, the Bellossom in the isle of Amor sells berries of guaranteed quality.

Secondly, master the art of flame 🔥 fanning. Fanning determines the size of the flame that you get to cook your class curry.

You have to ensure that you fan the flames to the right size, or else, you might end up not having enough flames to cook your meal.

On the other side, you must be careful not to fan the flames too much, and end up burning your curry. Only practice can help you understand and develop the right rhythm to avoid undercooking and burning.

Finally, you need to understand the art of stirring your class curry. You have to develop the right stirring rhythm. Ensure that you are consistent in your stirring.

The right rhythm and consistency in stirring ensures that your curry does not slosh over.

How to Make the Best Charizard Curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield

How to get Charizard class curry 
Charizard Curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Image source: Pinterest
  • First, choose seven to ten quality berries 🍒 that provide the best flavors. From practice and research from seasoned chefs, you can mix spicy berries with sweet ones, and you can experiment with different combinations of sour and bitter berries. The following are some berries you can choose from, Lum, Apricorn (Sweet), Cheri, Sitrus (Spicy), Oran, Qualot (Sour), Tamato, Aguava (Bitter), Belue, and Lansat (Rare) berries. You can add some spice options such as Ceri peppers or Curry powder.
  • Choose a curry pot that has high flavor points potential.
  • Choose any cooking campfire considering the cooking effects.
  • Chop all the berries into small pieces to ensure they produce maximum flavor, and put them in the pot.
  • Put on the flame and start fanning in small, continuous circles. Listen to the flame crackle and observe the flames. The crackle and the flames should be moderate.
  • Stir by making brisk circles to keep the curry swirling, but avoid splashing and spilling. While stirring, a light green circle appears periodically to indicate you are doing it correctly. Ensure that your stirring is timed to capture the sparkles within the light green circle.
  • Add spices while still stirring.
  • Flick the stirring spoon when a prompt appears, aiming at the centre of the light green circle.
  • Finally, garnish your Class Curry with berries, flowers, or curry rice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need rare berries to make Charizard Class curry?

To make the best Class Curry, rare berries are essential. However, common berries should not be neglected.

What’s the difference between a “good” and the “best” Charizard Class curry?

The better the Charizard Class curry, the higher the EXP boost you unlock. Therefore, “best” has a higher EXP boost than “good.”

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