How to unlock Charizard in Smash Ultimate (How do I start Charizard Smash Ultimate)

I first came across Charizard in elementary school through a friend trying the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate series. He was finding it hard to unlock Charizard as his favorite character in the game.

Unlocking characters has always been one of my favorite parts of any game. It did not take me too long to realize that knowing how to unlock Charizard was challenging, especially after I had played for two consecutive hours and only managed to unlock two characters!

Since I have been a Charizard enthusiast for years, I embarked on discovering easier ways to unlock my favorite characters to help many young children and new players struggling with the same.

In this article, I will help you find out how to unlock Charizard in Smash Ultimate to enjoy the game’s heavyweight benefits that Charizard brings!

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Now, then, it is time for you to get unlocked!

Can you unlock Charizard in Smash Ultimate for free?

 How do I start Charizard Smash Ultimate
Charizard in Smash Ultimate. Image source: Pinterest

🔓Yes, you can unlock Charizard for free after you have completed the classic mode. Unlocking Charizard can be done in Adventure mode to free the Charizard spirit.

You can open it by playing a mode of choice against friends or battling in the classic mode using another character.

🀄 But before unlocking, you must win against the other characters before Pokémon Trainer in a fight. The characters are battled in order, from Ness until you arrive at Pokémon Trainer at number twenty-six.

However, for characters like Sora and Kazooie, you will have to buy them. That means these characters are not for free. Charizard often appears after you have beaten the classic mode with another character.

Let’s check out how characters like Charizard unlock:

The base characterThe characters they will unlock
MarioSonic will unlock Bayonetta
Donkey KongBowser will unlock Pokémon Trainer (Charizard)

How do I start Charizard Smash Ultimate?

How to unlock Charizard in Smash Ultimate
Charizard Smash Ultimate. Image source: Pokemon

🎬 You can start Charizard by clicking the Y button two times. Squirtle will always appear as the first on the screen, but when you click the Y button on the character selection screen, it will prompt Charizard to come as the first.

From the changes, Charizard will appear first, followed by Squirtle, and the Ivysaur comes last.

Is Charizard playable in Smash Ultimate?

Charizard is a playable character in Super Bros. Ultimate. Charizard will appear as the Pokémon Trainer crew member. The other two are Squirtle and Ivysaur.

For Smash Ultimate, Charizard comes as a member of the Pokémon Trainer, unlike in Super Smash Bros.4, where Charizard was standing on its character.

🔥However, Charizard has maintained so many of its good characteristics from Super Smash Bros. 4. It is worth noting that Charizard proves to be the quickest and hardest-to-hit character among the Pokémon members.

Regarding the changes in Smash Ultimate, Charizard has received positive and negative feedback from players.

However, Charizard’s overall performance in Smash Ultimate has been loved by many. Therefore, Charizard is playable as a Pokémon Trainer crew member and capable of mega evolution.

Is there any way to play as just Charizard in Smash?

How do I start Charizard Smash Ultimate

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⛔ No, there is no other way to play just Charizard in Smash Ultimate since, as stated earlier, Charizard is one of the Pokémon trainer members in Smash Ultimate.

In the previous series, Charizard was not part and parcel of Pokémon Trainer, but it has come as one of the Pokémon Trainer players in Smash Ultimate.

Some players claim that Charizard appearing alone in Super Smash Bros.4 was just Pokémon Trainer action!

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