What Moves can Charizard learn? (what is the Strongest move Charizard can learn?)

When I started playing Pokémon over ten years ago, I was excited to start training my Charizard and playing with it during different battles.

Of course, I had to go through the process of taking it from a Charmander to a Charmeleon before getting to Charizard.

Even now, Charizard is still one of my favorite Pokémon (It’s a fan favorite, duh! 😉). I’ve been able to play with it through different versions of the Pokémon games, and I’ve taught it several moves, some useful, some not so much.

So, let’s delve into the moves Charizard can learn, including the strongest ones.

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What are the Strongest Moves Charizard can learn?

💪🔥The greatest moves a Charizard can learn are fire spin and blast burn. These moves cause 18.58 damage per second, accumulating to 415. 6 damage before the Charizard faints.

The blast burn requires an elite charge to be activated, and both moves work best in neutral weather. Additionally, the blast burn makes it one of the strongest fire-type Pokémon.

If you want to teach it powerful move sets on Pokémon Go, try wing attack as a fast move and blast burn or claw as charged moves.

Fire blast, fly, dragon pulse, fly, and flare blitz work magic (sometimes literally.)

What Dragon-type moves can Charizard learn?

what is the Strongest move Charizard can learn?
Charizard Dragon-type moves. Image source: Pinterest

A Charizard can learn several dragon-type moves, including dragon pulse, dragon breath, dragon dance, dragon claw, dragon tail, and outrage. All these moves have different advantages, so you choose based on the enemy you will face.

There are several ways that Charizard can learn dragon-type moves, including breeding, tutors, level-up, and technical machines (TM)

What moves can Charizard learn in Pokémon Quest?

Charizard can learn several moves in Pokémon Quest, including scratch, fire spin, metal claw, ember, fire punch, flamethrower, dragon claw, flare blitz, fire blast, and flame charge.

For the Charizard to learn moves, you have to sacrifice another Pokémon. Sacrificing a Pokémon of the same species increases the chances of learning moves.

In addition, the level and evolution of the Pokémon also matter.

In my experience, fire spin, dragon claw, fire punch, and scratch are some of the best moves your Charizard can learn in Pokémon Quest 🤩.

Let’s break them down further.



Fire spin

Charizard creates flames around itself and spins them toward its enemies, sometimes burning them.

Dragon claw

Charizard uses all its strength to dash forward while spinning, damaging enemies with its claws.

Fire punch

It adds flames to its fists and punches the enemies in front of it with fire.


Charizard uses its sharp-pointed claws to damage opponents in front of it.

What moves can Charizard learn in Pokémon Fire Red?

What Moves can Charizard learn?
Charizard in Pokémon Fire Red. Image source: Pinterest

There’s a whole array of moves the Charizard can learn, including a flamethrower, fire blast, wing attack, slash, smokescreen, dragon claw, earthquake, brick break, rock slide, scary face, ember, growl, heat wave, and metal claw.

Of course, every move is learned based on a different learning method or a combination.

From breeding, Charizard can learn rock slide, sword dance, ancient power, beat up, belly drum, outrage, and dragon dance.

On the other hand, hidden machines (HM) can teach them the cut, fly, strength, and rock smash. Tutors help with blast burn, body slam, counter, double-edge, mega kick, mega punch, mimic, rock slide, seismic toss, substitute, and sword dance.


What’s the best move set for a Charizard on Pokémon fire red?

The best move set comprises a flamethrower, fly, earthquake, and rock slide. However, your move set of choice depends on the enemy you’re going to face.

Is Dragon Rage a good move

Dragon Rage has a 40 HP capacity to damage enemies every time it hits. Though this is good when starting, it loses its effect as you advance.

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