Can Charizard Learn Solar Beam? (How to Teach Charizard Solar Beam)

In all my years playing Pokémon, nothing brings me greater joy than my Pokémon learning special moves. Take Charizard, my favorite Pokémon, for example; learning a move like Solar Beam will multiply its attack power to greater proportions.

It is a move that will prove effective against many enemies on the battlefield, especially Rock, Water, and Ground Pokémon.

How exhilarating is it to destroy your enemies in a single move? 😁. But can you really teach Charizard Solar Beam?

And if so, how?

Well, you are about to find out!

Can Charizard Learn Solar Beam? 

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How to teach Charizard Solar Beam

Can Charizard Learn Solar Beam?
Charizard Solar Beam. Image source: Pinterest

Solar Beam is one of the moves you can teach your Charizard through a Technical Machine, or TM in short. Solar Beam is a Special Attack move with considerable power that will make your Charizard stronger in battle.

Since Solar Beam is an Elite Move, an Elite TM will be required to teach your Charizard. These TMs are found in different locations depending on the Pokémon game you are playing; for example, in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, it is TM168.

To teach your Charizard Solar Beam, 👉you must first get to the Solar Beam TM Location. You will tap on your Charizard, open the menu, and choose “Items.” The next step would be to tap on the Solar Beam TM to select the move. Since a Solar Beam TM is an Elite TM, it will give you a list of moves from which you should select “Solar Beam.” 👏

Remember that in some Pokémon games like Scarlet and Violet, you can duplicate and make copies of your Solar Beam ™, which you can teach to several Charizards.

With enough League Points and TM168 Solar Beam crafting materials, you can make enough copies of Solar Beam TMs for all your Charizards.

Can Charizard Learn Solar Beam?

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Can Charizard learn Solar Beam on Pokémon Red

No. 🙅 you won’t be able to teach your Charizard Solar Beam in Pokémon Red. Unlike in other Pokémon games, here, Charizard cannot learn Grass-Type moves, like Solar Beam.

Most of the moves learned through TMs in Pokémon Red are primarily Fire and Fighting techniques. But although you won’t get to teach your Charizard Solar Beam in Pokémon Red, you will have the chance to teach them Hyper Beam, which is a more powerful move than Solar Beam.

Can Charizard fire type learn Solar Beam?

Can Charizard Learn Solar Beam? 
Charizard fire type. Image source: Pinterest

All Fire-Type Pokémon, including Charizard, can learn Solar Beam, provided it is available in the game. That is because Solar Beam draws its power from the Sun, a fire-type element.

Therefore, all Fire-Type Pokémon will have a natural affinity for fire-related moves, which gives them an edge when encountering their natural nemesis of Ground, Water, and Rock-Type Pokémon.

Selected Pokémon games with their Solar Beam Locations

Pokémon GameSolar Beam TM Location
Scarlet and VioletTM168
Sword and ShieldTM11
Black & WhiteTM22
Let’s Go PikachuTM45
X and YTM22


Is Solar Beam a good attack choice for Charizard?

Yes. Solar Beam is a good attack move for a Charizard because it is extremely effective against its main weaknesses of Ground, Water/Ice, and Rock-type Pokémon. With Solar Beam, your Charizard will fight such kinds of Pokémon toe-to-toe.

Is Solar Beam a powerful attack move?

Although Solar Beam may not be the strongest attack move for a Charizard, it is pretty powerful nonetheless. It comes with a Power Base of 120, which can be increased to 140 through special ways, and an Accuracy rae of 100. This combination of power and accuracy will pose a threat even to the strongest of opponents.

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