Is Charizard Vmax gold real? (How to tell a Charizard vmax gold is fake)

Charizard Vmax gold cards are probably my favourite of the Pokémon cards. When I was growing up in the 1990s, I enjoyed collecting Pokémon cards, and the Vmax gold cards were some of the best collections.

Recently, a friend found a metal gold Charizard Vmax. He wondered whether the card was real, so he came to compare it with my collection.

Since I have been a Charizard card collector enthusiast for years, I will help you determine if the Charizard Vmax gold is real and how to differentiate a fake one.

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How to tell a Charizard Vmax gold is fake?

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You can identify a fake Charizard Vmax gold card by its feel. If the card feels like paper or plastic due to the quality of the material used, it is fake.

If they all appear to have the texturing, the cards may be authentic, and if they feel smooth, they are not genuine.

Some cards may seem real, but they are custom art cards from Etsy and not from official TCG products.

🃏Fake Vmax cards have a slight reflective back and front. The fake Charizard Vmax has lower print quality than the real ones.

The faux Charizard vmax gold colours are generally dark, with blurred pictures and texts. Fake Vmax cards tend to come with spelling mistakes or mixed languages.

Have you ever encountered a Vmax card with the name and stage in English, but the attacks have been written in French? That is fake!

✍You can also notice a fake Vmax gold card by checking the kerning of texts on the card. The fake card has large and inconsistent spacing.

They also have their energy symbols misaligned or missing altogether. The fake also stands out as they lack international set marks.

For instance, it is not authentic if it comes with Japanese signs instead of international symbols. You can notice differences in Charizard vmax gold cards, especially if you purchase from different sources. This may be a show of concern if you see some differences in the cards.

The differences can be in the copyright line, or they may lack the sheen on the back of the card that shows when you angle the two cards, making it hard to tell the real one.

Are Charizard Vmax gold graded?

Is Charizard Vmax gold real? 
Charizard Vmax. Image source: Pokemon

💰Although it is tough to grade Charizard vmax gold, the grading is necessary to make the card more valuable to be sold to collectors.

You can do the Grading of Charizard vmax gold by sending the card to grading companies. The table below shows companies and the 💰 Cost you will incur in grading your card.

Grading Company

💶 Cost of grading in USD

Professional Sports Authenticators

USD 25 per card

Beckett Collectibles

$18–22 USD per card

CGC Cards

$25–35 USD per card

ACE Grading

$12–36 USD per card

Can you still sell a Charizard Vmax gold card if it is fake?

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You can still sell a Charizard vmax gold card if it is fake, although selling it goes against the Pokémon company trademark.

The card may not be valuable since you cannot use it at an official event 📉t. However, online markets such as Amazon and eBay are selling the cards, and you have to confirm with the original company if it is authentic.

Etsy has a platform for selling the gold metallic Charizard produced by their artisans.

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