How much is a Holo Dark Charizard worth? (How much does Holo Dark Charizard card cost?)

I’ve always wanted a Holo Dark Charizard to add to my collection. That’s why I’ve been scouring the internet to see the prices. Today, Charizard’s TCG cards are considered priceless collectibles by Pokémon fans like myself. 😅

If I knew how valuable those cards would be today, I would have definitely stored mine better. Sadly, I kept 3 of my Charizard Legendary Collection cards in a shoe box after opening them.

So, goodbye mint condition and hello slightly off-color and not so new-looking cards 😰. The Holo Charizard cards I saw were mint or near-mint condition. Keep reading to learn about the various price ranges of Holo Dark Charizard cards.

What is the rarest Holo Charizard card?

How much does Holo Dark Charizard card cost?
1999 First Edition Mint Charizard Holo. Image source: Pinterest

The 1999 First Edition Mint Charizard Holo is the rarest Holo Charizard card. This card belongs to the first batch of Pokémon cards to be created and distributed. The first edition badge on this card makes it even more valuable to avid collectors.

The First Edition Mint Condition Charizard Holo card is a shadowless variant. This production factor contributes to its hefty price tag. This card belongs to the introductory Base Set of Pokémons, which sold out in the U.S. before the Pokémon craze took full effect.

These factors make it extremely rare and expensive. For instance, you might find this Holo Charizard priced as high as $200k on websites like eBay.

Usually, a mint condition First Edition Mint Charizard’s price ranges from $25k to $150k. The amount you’ll pay for the card depends on the PSA score. A PSA score above 9 means the card is in good condition and worth a lot of money 💰.

The following are other rare Holo Charizard cards:

Holo Charizard


2002 Legendary Collection Charizard Holo

$8k to $13k

1996 Japanese Charizard Holo

$9k to $13.5k

1999 Mint Charizard Holo

$15k to $30k

2002 Legendary Collection Charizard Reverse Holo

$ 4k to $6.6k

Why is Holo Charizard so expensive?

How much does Holo Dark Charizard card cost?
Holo Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Vintage products are all the rage among collectors 🤗. Diehard Pokémon fans are willing to pay big bucks for Holo Charizard cards for several reasons.

Mint condition Holo Charizard cards are particularly pricey because they are still in good condition. The same goes for near-mint condition Holo Charizard.

Seeing as it is difficult to find these items in mint or near mint condition, the owners tend to set the asking price quite high.

Another factor that makes the Holo Charizard expensive is the PSA score. The higher the score, the pricier the card. That’s because it’s extremely hard to find an unblemished Holo Charizard. Out of the 3,000 cards submitted for review, PSA has only given a PSA 10 Gem Mint score to only 121 cards. Therefore, rarity and quality are the main factors contributing to the high prices placed on Holo Charizard cards.

Is Holo Charizard rare?

can a Charizard fly forever?
Holo Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, these cards are quite rare. In the late 90s, Pokémon released a Limited Edition print of Holographic Charizard cards. The printing was done two phases. The 1999 First Edition Holo Charizard falls under the first wave of production.

A 1999 mint condition Holo Charizard falls under the second wave of the limited-Edition printing. The 1996 Japanese Charizard Holo is another great example of a great looking Holo Charizard that belongs to the first collection of Limited Edition Holo Charizard.

As mentioned earlier, all these cards are shadowless which means you cannot see a drop shadow on the card’s right side. Holo Charizard collectors consider this a really cool and rare feature.

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