How much is PSA 10 Charizard worth? (how much do PSA 10 Charizard cost)

During my childhood, Pokémon was everyone’s favorite in video games. My elder brother is the top fan despite not having the most coveted Pokémon Charizard card 💎.

My parents promised to buy him the card but never did, claiming it was too expensive. Luckily, my brother completed school, got employed, and finally quenched his childhood thirst by purchasing a Pokémon card.

I now understand that if you want something, you’ve to go for it 💯.

This topic gives a historical glimpse of the rareness, cost, and availability of the PSA 10 Charizard since its inception in 1999 in the USA.

How rare is Psa 10 Charizard?

The first edition of the Charizard cards was sold overnight after their development therefore, influencing its rareness. It was packaged into a set of 11 cards as follows:

  • Seven common cards
  • Three uncommon cards
  • One rare card

A rare holographic Pokémon card with the fiery art of a dragon is in one out of every three sets. There is a low probability of finding such a card in optimum condition.

Therefore, it is hard to find a PSA 10 Charizard card that is rare & in good condition and meets the top grading standard of GEM- MT 10. But if you get this unique Charizard, you have all the reasons to celebrate.


How many PSA 10 charizards are there worldwide?

How much is PSA 10 Charizard worth? 
PSA 10 charizards. Image source: Pinterest

The number of grade 10 Charizard tends to be minimal compared to other grades because of wear and tear plus the rareness of the cards. There are about 388 PSA 10 charizards in the world.

It is important to note there are many Charizards available worldwide courtesy of Pokémon’s evolving series. It started with the 1st edition, followed by shadow-less charizards and unlimited charizards. However, the first edition Charizard are scarce, valuable, and qualifies for the highest grading on PSA.

How much is PSA 10 Charizard 1st edition worth?

PSA 10 Charizard 1st edition currently costs around $252000. This price will increase in the future because the demand for the card is high while the supply is low.

This first edition is almost non-existent since only a few individuals possess it. Trading card enthusiasts understand the value of the GEM- MT 10 Charizard card and would not mind risking their investment on this card since it guarantees more returns.

How much do psa 10 charizard base set cost?

How much is PSA 10 Charizard worth? 
psa 10 charizard base set. Image source: Pokemon

The cost of the first edition Charizard base set is progressing towards the higher financial end. In 2017, the base set was selling at $10000. As of now, it is retailing at $420000. This difference is a price inflation in the trading card industry and has increased the investment value of the cards. Worry less 😊 about affording the high cost for the entire set, for it has been made convenient for users to purchase individual trading cards from the PSA 10 Charizard base set.

Price Trend of PSA 10 Charizard

PSA 10 Charizard is one of the Pokémon cards with the highest demand because of its monetary value 💵 Research helps to ascertain the current retail price. From the table below, the current market price of PSA 10 is greatly influenced by the;

  • Condition of the card –The perfect the condition, the higher the cost, and vice versa.
  • Availability of the card –Rare cards are costlier than other cards.
  • Grade of the card –For a card to be grade 10, it has to have perfect edges and a glossy surface.
Price of PSA 10 Charizard$75-$100$600-$700$4500-$5000$25000 (GEM- MINT condition)

Table 1: Price trend of psa 10 Charizard (1st Edition Base set series)

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is the first edition Charizard very costly?

The 1st edition Charizard cards are expensive because they are rare and can revive childhood gaming memories.

How much did Logan Paul invest in 1st edition Charizard?

Logan Paul bought the Charizard for $150000. The card is currently worth $1000000.

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