What Pokémon evolve with a firestone?

Eevee, Growlithe, Pansear, and Vulpix are the Pokémon that evolve with a Fire Stone. Expose these Pokémon to radiation from a Fire Stone if you want them to evolve into stronger Pokémon versions.

Part of the excitement of playing Pokémon games is when I am finally able to evolve my Pokémon. While I think the baby Pokémon are beyond adorable, I must admit I prefer their evolved, stronger versions when it comes to battle. But while I was still new to the game, I struggled with evolving my Pokémon. I felt there were too many items that could be used for evolution. It was also difficult to keep up with the specific items needed to successfully evolve a particular Pokémon.

But because I was already a fan of the game, I was determined to learn what these items did, starting with Firestone, which was the first evolution item I came across. In this article, I’m going to share the information I discovered through my research on which Pokémon Firestone can evolve. So, if this is something you were struggling with, make sure you read till the end to get all your answers.

How does the Pokemon evolve? 

Pokemon evolve when exposed to various stones. One of the stones is a Fire Stone, an evolution stone introduced in Generation I of the Pokémon videogame series. As I mentioned, you can use a firestone to evolve one of a few Pokémon. The Fire Stone will disappear after you use it to evolve a Pokemon. Below are the effects that a Fire Stone has on different Pokemon.

Vulpix to Ninetales

What Pokémon evolve with a firestone?
Ninetales. Image source: Nintendo

When exposed to the radiation from a Fire Stone, Vulpix evolves into Ninetales. Vulpix is small, four-legged, canine Pokémon with a red-brown pelt. It has a cream-colored underbelly. Vulpix has the power to manipulate fire to create floating wisps of flame that can be mistaken for ghosts. This Pokemon uses them to assist in catching prey. Inside Vulpix is a flame that never goes out. It feigns injury to escape the wrath of powerful opponents. You will Vulpix in grassy plains.

On the other side, Ninetales is a four-legged, canine Pokémon with thick, golden-white fur. It has a fluffy crest on its head and a small mane of thick fur around its neck. It has nine tails with pale-orange tips and slender legs with three-toed paws. Ninetales has pointed ears, a triangular black nose, and red eyes.

Ninetales is super intelligent and can understand human speech but is very vengeful. It curses those who mistreat it. Nine tales can live for about 1000 years thanks to energy stored in its nine tails. Each of the nine tails is assumed to possess a different mystical power. Its eyes can control minds, and the flames from its mouth can hypnotize opponents. Ninetales can swim and are rarely found in the wild because it is created through stone evolution. If you are lucky, you can find one in the grasslands.

Growlithe to Arcanine 

Pokémon evolving
Arcanine. Image source: Nintendo

When exposed to radiation from a Fire Stone, Growlithe evolves into Arcanine. Growlithe is a four-legged canine Pokémon with orange fur. It has black stripes on its legs and back; the fur on its tail, belly, chest, and muzzle is beige. Its eyes are grey, its ears are large, round, and triangular, and its nose is black. Growlithe is a loyal and friendly Pokemon that defends its trainer fearlessly, even from stronger enemies. It fights with Rockruff for control over territory. Growlithe barks at, bites, and chases away other Pokémon it views as threats. Arcanine is a loyal and fiercely brave Pokemon. It can run 6200 miles within 24 hours. This canine is admired for its speed and beauty. Arcanine’s power comes from a flame that blazes wildly inside its body. You rarely find Arcanine in the wild because it is created through stone evolution. If you are lucky to find one, you will most likely find it in the Prairies.

Eevee to Flareon 

Pokémon evolve
Flareon. Image source: Nintendo

When exposed to radiation from a Flame Stone, Eevee evolves into Flareon. Eevee is a cute little mammalian Pokémon with brown fur. Eevee is only found in towns and cities; you rarely find this small Pokémon in the wild. With a unique genetic sequence, this Pokemon can evolve into 8 different evolutions. It can also adapt the face of its trainer. Last but not least, Eevee is the only Pokemon that can use the Z-Move Extreme Evoboost.

Conversely, Flareon is a Pokemon with short reddish-orange fur. Its body temperature emanates from an internal flame sac. The temperature rises when Flareon is excited. It can exhale flames up to 1700 ◦C, and its average body temperature ranges from 700 to 800 ◦C. Flareon is an omnivore and roasts prey or berries before consumption. You will see this Pokémon in populated areas.

Pansear to Simisear 

Simisear. Image source: Nintendo

Pansear is a red-and-cream simian Pokémon. It has a whorled tuff atop its head, containing a flame that can reach temperatures up to 315 ◦C. Pansear lives both in volcanic caves and forests. It roasts berries before eating them.

On the other hand, Simisear is a red simian Pokémon. It has three tuffs atop its head, and its tail resembles a flame. Inside Simisear’s body is a flame that the Pokemon fuels by feasting on sweet foods. Simisear has the power to emit flames from the three tuffs on its head and its swirled tail.

Fire Stone Evolution


Evolution is a critical part of the Pokemon video game series. It strengthens a Pokémon and gives it access to a broader pool of moves. One of the ways to evolve your Pokémon is by exposing it to radiation from an evolution stone. Vulpix, Growlithe, Eevee, and Pansear are some of the Pokemon that evolve after exposure to radiation from a Fire Stone.


Do all Pokemon evolve when exposed to radiation from a Fire Stone? 

No, only fire-type Pokémon evolve when exposed to radiation from a Fire Stone.

Can Eevee evolve into Flareon when exposed to a Thunder Stone? 

No, Eevee can only evolve into Flareon when exposed to radiation from a Fire Stone.

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