Do Pokemon Stats Change When They Evolve? (Does Evolving Pokemon Increase Their Stats?)

So, I introduced my friend to Pokémon, and he came up to me asking if evolving a Pokémon can 📈 increase their stats.

Apparently, he had only earned and collected Stardusts and Candies for eight months to evolve his Pokémon.

I realized that many have asked the same question. In the long time I have been playing the Pokémon games, I have gained a lot of insights that I would like to share with anyone wondering the same, so watch to the end.

Does evolving Pokémon increase their stats?


Yes, when you evolve your Pokémon, you immediately give it a tremendous enhancement in its combat power (CP) ratings and, most importantly, its stats.

But there’s an exception: when evolving some Pokémon like Magikarp into Gyarados, the stats get better and skyrocket its stat total from 200 to 540.

This applies to high tiers of evolutions, which constitute high tiers of stats, while lower tier Pokémon include low-tier stats.

Is it better to evolve Pokémon early for stats?

Pokemon Stats When They Evolve
Is it better to evolve Pokémon early for stats? Image source: Pinterest

We evolve a Pokémon to have higher base stats and access to more powerful moves. Still, it is advised not to evolve a Pokémon early for stats because irrespective of when or whether you evolve your Pokémon, at level 100, your Pokémon will gain the same stats .

There are other reasons to evolve a Pokémon early that do not include stats; for example, if you want a ⚡ boost in the combat power (CP) through evolution, you can evolve a Pokémon.

How does waiting on evolution affect my Pokémon’s stats?


I realized that delaying evolution does not necessarily affect the Pokémon’s overall stats; it will have the same stats whether you evolve it or not, for it will have the same base stats.

Delaying may also allow your Pokémon to learn some specific moves that a Pokémon can learn only before evolving.

Postponing the evolution of your Pokémon can have a benefit for some of the Pokémon; in their pre-evolution state, they can learn some moves that they cannot learn after they evolve, or if you want your Pokémon to learn a specific move.

Is it better to evolve Pokémon early or later Pokémon go?

Does Evolving Pokemon Increase Their Stats?
Is it better to evolve Pokémon early or later Pokémon go? Image source: Pinterest

When my friend asked whether he should evolve his Pokémon later or early in the level, we established that it is better to evolve later depending on your Pokémon because some learn specific moves later in the level compared to evolved Pokémon.

We all know that the moves of an evolved Pokémon are more 💪 powerful, but if you want your Pokémon to gain an extraordinary move, you may opt not to evolve it to achieve the move.

What changes when Pokémon evolve?

Typically, evolving a Pokémon 📈 increases its stats. It makes them a little more challenging, and sometimes evolution transforms Pokémon into a different species of Pokémon that can learn more and other moves, take up new abilities, and are way more powerful.

Evolution gives you an edge in all your battles with more powerful 🔥 Pokémon.

Some rare Pokémon like the Nincada, when they evolve, their stats 📉 decrease, evolving into two different forms, the Ninjask or the Shedinja.

Below are Pokémon that have higher CP that are best for evolution and those that are not needed for evolution for they have a low CP:

Best not to evolve

Best to evolve


Mega Tyranitar


Mega Gyarados


Mega Swampert


Mega Latios

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